Temporarily abroad during the European Parliament elections

Will you be abroad during the European Parliament elections? For example, for your work, studies or holiday? And are you still registered in a Dutch municipality? Vote by proxy or by post.

Have someone else vote on your behalf (proxy)

You can arrange for somebody in a Dutch municipality to vote on your behalf through a written authorisation. You give them a proxy vote. This person in the Netherlands must also cast a vote himself. You can request a proxy vote at the municipality where you are registered.

Voting by post

You can also cast a postal vote from your temporary address outside the Netherlands using a postal voting slip. You must have a foreign postal address where your postal voting slip can be sent. You can request a postal voting slip below.

The municipality must receive your complete application by Friday, 10 May 2024 (by 23.59 hrs. CET). A complete application consists of the filled in and signed application form. And a copy of your valid Dutch identity document.

Request postal vote

Fill in the form using your foreign home or postal address. Finalise the application by signing the form and sending it with a copy of your Dutch identity document. You can submit it in 3 ways:

  • By using a personal upload link. You will receive this by email once you have completed the form.
  • By sending an email to Begin link: kbn.verkiezingen@denhaag.nl, end link. . Send your application as an attachment, preferably as a PDF or JPG.
  • By post to:
    Gemeente Den Haag
    Verkiezingen KBN
    Postbus 84008
    2508 AA Den Haag

Good to know

  • The documents you need to be able to vote by post will always be sent to a foreign address by post.
  • Have you opted to vote by post? Remember that it takes time to send something by post. Are you in a country where the postal service is slow or not very reliable? Then it is wise to have somebody vote on your behalf. You can do this through a proxy.
  • A copy of your Dutch driving licence is 1 of the identity documents you can use for the application. However, it is not a valid identity document for voting by post.


Do you have any questions? The Municipality of The Hague organises the elections for Dutch voters abroad. The Elections Unit is available at tel. +31 70 353 44 00. Or send an email to Begin link: kbn.verkiezingen@denhaag.nl, end link. .


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