Dutch voters abroad: Request a replacement postal voting slip

It is unfortunately no longer possible to request a replacement postal voting slip. The deadline was Monday, 27 May at 23.59 hrs. CET.

What is a postal voting slip?

A postal voting slip is a voting pass for Dutch voters abroad. You use it to cast a postal vote. A postal voting slip will only be sent by post.

The municipality will send the postal voting slips for the European Parliament elections as of mid-March 2024. The municipality will send you an email notification once your postal voting slip has been sent.

A replacement postal voting slip can replace an original postal voting slip if it has been lost or damaged. You will receive the replacement postal voting slip by email or by post.

To request a replacement postal voting slip you need to be Begin link: registered as a Dutch voter abroad, end link. . And a paper postal voting slip should have been sent to you.

Replacement postal voting slip for Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten

Do you live on Aruba, Curaçao or Sint Maarten? And did you request a replacement postal voting slip? Your replacement postal voting slip will be sent to the Netherlands Representative Office. You will be notified when you can collect the replacement postal voting slip at the Netherlands Representative Office.


Do you have any questions? The Municipality of The Hague organises the elections for Dutch voters abroad. The Elections Unit is available at tel. +31 70 353 44 00. Or send an email to Begin link: kbn.verkiezingen@denhaag.nl, end link. .


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