Property value and appraisal report

The municipality determines the value of residential properties, business premises, shops and undeveloped land each year. This value is called the property value (WOZ-waarde). The municipality uses the property value to determine the property taxes (onroerendezaakbelastingen, OZB). The appraisal report shows how the value of a property was calculated.

Property value

The property value (WOZ-waarde) is the amount a home or business premises could fetch if it would be sold without its contents on a certain date and would immediately be put into use. This date is called the reference value date. For the 2019 tax year the reference value date is 1 January 2018.

The property value is used for different taxes such as:

  • property tax (onroerendezaakbelasting, OZB)
  • State taxes (such as the deemed home ownership value or inheritance tax)
  • water board tax

Banks want to know the property value when they issue a mortgage.

Who gets a property value assessment

Everyone who is the owner or user of an immovable property within the Municipality of The Hague on 1 January will receive the property value assessment (WOZ-beschikking) for that year. The property value assessment is stated on the municipal tax bill.

Tenants of residential properties do not pay property tax. This is why they get a property value assessment but not a municipal tax bill.

Did you obtain ownership of a residential property after 1 January of a certain year? You will also not receive the property value automatically. The property value of residential properties is public information and you can request it via the WOZ-waardeloket.

Did you obtain ownership of a non-residential property after 1 January of a certain year? You will not get the property value for that year automatically sent to you. You can request the information for that year at the municipality. This can be done in writing or at the counter at the Leyweg City Office. You must send in or take along the following documents:

  • a valid form of identification (only if you visit the counter)
  • a copy of the proof of ownership, which shows that you are the owner
  • if applicable, a copy of the certificate of inheritance.

How is the property value determined

The municipality keeps track of all changes to residential properties, business premises or other immovable property in The Hague. It gathers information in the following ways:

  • From building permits, sales and rental data, photos (for example aerial photos) and from the Cadastral Agency.
  • People who purchase a residential property could receive a permanent market analysis form by post. The answers they provide help determine whether the value of residential properties in the city increased or decreased for the next reference value date.
  • For non-residential properties rental data will be requested if there is a new tenant.
  • For unlisted businesses (for example hospitals, petrol stations) a so-called construction cost letter will be sent. The letter will ask what it would cost to rebuild these properties.

The property value is determined using this information, the knowledge of the appraisers and a computer model. If there is insufficient comparable material for certain properties (for example sales in the neighbourhood or rentals), you may get a request from an appraiser to visit your property. This way the municipality gets the best picture possible of the property market.

Changes to property values

For residential properties in The Hague there was a 14% average increase in the property value for the current tax year 2019. This was of course an average. This can differ on an individual basis. The change to property value depends on a large number of factors, such as the location in the neighbourhood and the condition and quality of the property.

Non-residential properties in The Hague showed a 4% average increase in value compared to 2018. This was also an average. Individual non-residential properties and shops can thus show a completely different development in value.

Property value of new homes

The property value also needs to be determined for a property which is still under construction. This is done on the basis of the so-called ‘depreciated replacement value’. The value of the buildings is determined on the basis of the progress of the construction on 1 January of the tax year, plus the value of the land belonging to the property.

Property value after renovations

After a renovation, the appraiser will determine if the value of that property has increased or decreased. The change does not affect the property value for that year. A possible change in value will be taken into account when determining the property value for the following year.

Request the property value

Property value for residential properties

  • In MijnDenHaag you can view the property value and the appraisal report for your premises. You log in using your DigiD. Are you having trouble logging in using DigiD? Look at the website of DigiD to see what the problem can be.
  • Everybody is allowed to request the property value of any residential property in the Netherlands. These values became public information in October 2016. You can view these values on the website of the WOZ-waardeloket. This service is only for private individuals requesting information on specific residential properties. More information about the public availability of property values can be found on the website of the Waarderingskamer. This website is not for substantive questions about your property or about tax matters.

Property value for companies

Would you like to request a property value for your business premises? Send an email to Include your name, assessment number and for which building(s) you are requesting the property value.

Appraisal report

An appraisal report shows how the property value was calculated. The report contains the following information:

  • property in question
  • property value
  • cadastral information
  • characteristics which are important for determining the value such as the type of building, the year it was and the size
  • how the property is doing in the market. The sale prices and property values are provided for 3 comparable properties. They do not necessarily need to be exactly the same as your home

Viewing the appraisal report

Appraisal report for your residential property

You can view the property value and appraisal report (taxatieverslag) for your residential property or business property in different ways:

  • The property value is stated in the annual municipal tax bill.
  • You can view the property value for your building and read the appraisal report by logging into MijnDenHaag with your DigiD. You can only access the online information if the assessment is in your name.

Appraisal report for your company

Companies and organisations unfortunately cannot view the property value and appraisal report online for their business premises at the moment. Due to security issues, it is no longer possible to log in using your Haag-ID. Work is being carried out a new login service: the eHerkenning. Once this service is ready, you will be able to view your information online again. Until then companies and organisations can only request an appraisal report by sending an email to: Please include your name, assessment number and for which building(s) you would like to receive the report.

Are you obliged to cooperate with the property appraisal?

  • The appraiser may only enter your home if you allow it.
  • Under the General Tax Act it is mandatory for tenants of a business premises to grant access if the visit is in the interest of the owner’s taxation.
  • If you own your own home or rent a business premises, you could receive an information document by post. You are obliged to complete it
  • The municipality may request information from owners or users of the property to determine its value. They are obliged to cooperate. 

These rules can be found in the Besluit gegevensverstrekking wet WOZ on the website of the Waarderingskamer.


Do you disagree with the property value (WOZ-waarde) of your premises? Then you can contest the assessment.

Local tax calculator

You can easily calculate how much you pay for your property charges in The Hague using the local tax calculator. You can then compare this to other Dutch municipalities and see how your tax assessment would be affected if your situation changes or if your home would get a higher or lower property value. Go to the local tax calculator.


Do you have questions? Contact the Municipal Tax Department.