Nuisance Penalty

Minor offences can often lead to huge irritations. This is why municipal wardens check for violations in the public space, such as dog poop and improperly disposed of household rubbish and company waste. Residents, visitors and companies who commit these offences can get a Nuisance Penalty (Boete Overlast).

Notice of the penalty

Have you committed an offence and did you get a Nuisance Penalty? Then the municipal warden will give you verbal notice of the penalty, if possible. He or she will ask to see your ID. You are obliged to show it. The amount of the penalty depends on the violation.

      Let op!
      For improperly disposed of household rubbish, the following rule applies: you will get a Nuisance Penalty if you are caught in the act. If household rubbish is improperly disposed of and it later appears that the rubbish is yours, you will get a so-called spoedeisende bestuursdwang (urgent administrative order). You will pay the clean-up costs.


      The bill for the Nuisance Penalty will be sent to you within 8 weeks. The penalty number and a payment reference number appear at the top right-hand corner of the bill. In addition you can see the payment deadline and until when you can contest the penalty.

      Paying the Nuisance Penalty

      • Would you like to pay the Nuisance Penalty via internet?
        Transfer the amount for the penalty to IBAN number NL12 BNGH 0285 1336 75, to directeur gemeentebelastingen, Den Haag. Use the payment reference number on the bill.
      • Are you paying from abroad? Then you also need to use the BIC (swift code): BNGHNL2G.

      It is not possible to get a tax waiver and direct debit for the Nuisance Penalty.

      Not paying the Nuisance Penalty (on time)

      The collection procedure for the Nuisance Penalty is the same as for other municipal taxes.

      Prevent extra costs by paying on time or by contacting the municipality immediately if you are unable to pay. The municipality can then look at which options are available to you.

      Payment scheme

      If you are unable to pay everything at 1 time, you can submit a request for a payment scheme using the application form. Instead of the assessment number (aanslagnummer), you use the payment reference number in the form. The payment reference number is at the top right-hand corner of the Nuisance Penalty bill.    

      Contesting the penalty 

      If you do not agree with the Nuisance Penalty, you can contest it within 6 weeks after the date on the bill.

          New penalty 

          The Nuisance Penalty is officially called the Bestuurlijke Boete Overlast Openbare Ruimte. The municipality collects this fine itself. The violations for which you can get a Nuisance Penalty can be found in the local ordinances: Algemene plaatselijke verordening (APV) and Afvalstoffenverordening (Asv).

          Report nuisance

          You can also report problems in the public space.

          Video on the Nuisance Penalty Watch the video on the Nuisance Penalty (YouTube channel of the municipality)