Apply for parking permit for visitors

Do you live in an area with paid parking? If you have a parking permit for visitors, your visitors can park in your neighbourhood without having to pay.

How does it work?

You can order a maximum of 1 visitor's parking permit per address. You do not need to have a car yourself.

You get parking credit

The permit gives you a number of parking hours per year. This is your parking credit.

Area Number of parking hours per permit year
Leyweg shopping area 203
Duindorp, Geuzen- en Statenkwartier/Duinoord, Transvaal and Leyenburg 268
Centrum, Centrum-Zuid, De Venen, Laakhaven 332
Scheveningen 366
All other areas 138

Purchase extra credit

Do you need more parking hours? You can purchase extra hours later. Read more about Purchasing extra parking credit.

You have to register and deregister visitors

Do your visitors need to park their car? Then you have to register and deregister your visitors. Your visitors do not need to pay themselves. The amount of time their car was parked will be deducted from your parking credit.


  • You live in The Hague and are registered at the address for which you are ordering the visitor's parking permit.
  • You live in an area where a parking permit is needed to park.
  • You do not live in the Energiekwartier or CS-Oost / Grotiusplaats. These areas are easy to reach by public transportation. And they are located at cycling distance from the downtown area, The Hague's Central Station and Hollands Spoor.
  • Your visitor's parking permit is meant only for your own visitors. You have to register your visitors yourself.
  • You may not sell your parking credit to other people. The municipality can revoke your parking permit if you do this.

The visitor's parking permit is not valid in shopping streets during shopping hours.

Also read the conditions for the use of your parking permit.


Online (in Dutch)

Complete the online form below to apply for a visitor's parking permit.

Apply for the parking permit for visitors

    Belangrijke informatie:

    As of 1 May 2022 you will be able to apply online for a visitor's parking permit for Duinzigt (Benoordenhout area) or Duttendel (Scheveningen area). Paid parking will be introduced in these neighbourhoods as of 1 June 2022.

    By post (in English)

    You can also apply for the parking permit by post. Use the Parking permit application form for private individuals.

      Parking permit application form for private individuals (PDF, 106,4 kB)

        Complete the form and send it together with the required documents to:

        Dienst Stadsbeheer
        Handhavingsorganisatie Afdeling Vergunningen
        Antwoordnummer 1435
        2501 VE Den Haag

        Postage is not required.


        • Visitor's parking permit: € 20.95 per year.
        • Additional parking credit: € 50 for 50 parking hours.

        These are the rates for 2022.

        Belangrijke informatie:

        The starting and ending date of your permit depends on the neighbourhood where you are living. Are you applying for a permit? The fee can differ from the amounts above. You will pay only for the amount of time remaining in the current permit period. Is this period shorter than 2 months? Then you will right away pay for the following permit year. For more information go to Extend parking permit.

        How long does it take?

        If you pay through iDeal or direct debit, you will receive your registration number within 1 week. You will get your PIN code 1 day later and then you will be able to use the parking permit.

        If you pay by invoice, this takes 14 days.

        You can also find your registration number and PIN code in MijnDenHaag.


        Do you have any questions? Contact the Municipal Parking Division.

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