Municipality and housing associations agree to build thousand homes

Housing associations will start the construction of a thousand new homes in 2024. In addition, residential properties will be insulated and made more energy-efficient. The municipality, housing associations and tenant organisations have agreed to this.

Sustainable home in Mariahoeve

The agreements between the municipality and housing associations place importance on enough affordable homes, a home for everyone and sustainable neighbourhoods and living space. For example by accelerating the construction of new homes and more space for affordable living in The Hague.

Housing shortage

The agreements for 2024 commit the municipality and housing associations to solid plans. This is their response to the need for housing in the city.  People in the city are experiencing the effects of this on a daily basis. They have to wait for a long time for social housing and owner-occupied properties are too expensive.


Part of the agreements concern insulating 1,280 homes and making them energy-efficient. This includes replacing gas stoves with electric cooking appliances, which is cleaner and better for the environment. In addition, housing associations are investing in creating more green courtyards and placing solar panels.

Housing associations

The performance agreements for 2024 were made with 8 housing associations and their tenant boards. These are: Arcade, DUWO, Haag Wonen, Hof Wonen, Staedion, Vidomes, WoonInvest and Woonzorg Nederland. The municipality and these associations will work together in order to carry out the plans as quickly and as well as possible.


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