Donate your returnable drink cans and bottles

The municipality has started an experiment with donation racks. There are now 32 waste bins in the downtown area with a rack-like contraption added to the side. There you can leave behind your empty returnable bottles and cans. They can then be picked up by somebody else and turned in for the 15-cent deposit.

People who are collecting returnable cans and bottles will be able to take them more easily. They no longer have to search through the waste bins. This prevents litter. And there is less of a risk of waste bins being broken open.

Donation rack for returnable cans and bottles (Photo: Frank Jansen)
Donation rack for returnable cans and bottles (Photo: Frank Jansen)

About the experiment

The experiment with donation racks will last 4 months. The municipality will check the racks every week. In addition waste advisors will start conversations with residents. They will ask them what they think of the donation racks, if they know what they are for and if they are using the racks.

After the experiment the municipality will decide whether the donation racks will stay. And whether donation racks will be placed in other spots in the city.


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