Separating waste: used frying oil

Pouring used deep fryer oil or grease down the sink or toilet can damage the drain. This can lead to clogs. You can dispose of deep fryer oil or grease at a city farm or waste depot.

By disposing of used frying oil separately, it can be refined into different types of biofuels.

Disposing of frying oil and grease

  • Once it has cooled, pour the deep fryer oil or grease back into the original bottle or another plastic bottle or jar. Seal the container well.
  • There is a special yellow ‘grease container’ at the Begin link: city farms, end link. . The city farm receives a small compensation for every litre of oil collected. By disposing of your used deep fryer oil separately, you are supporting The Hague’s city farms.
  • You can also dispose of your frying oil and grease at the Begin link: waste depots, end link. . Look at the locations on this Begin link: map, end link. .

Go to Begin external link: link), end external link. (in Dutch) for more information about recycling grease and oil. The website also lists all the collection points for used grease.


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