Rules for walking dogs and cleaning up dog poop

The Hague is a big city where many people live together in a limited amount of space. Dog owners and people without a dog need to be able to use the limited public space in a pleasant way. This is why rules have been established and special free-run areas have been designated.

You are allowed to walk with your dog on a leash almost everywhere in the city. There are a few areas where dogs are not permitted. Dogs are not allowed on playgrounds, playing fields and sunbathing areas. In addition there are free-run areas (losloopgebieden) where dogs may roam freely as long as they do not get in the way of traffic and other visitors and they do not disturb the wildlife.

Free-run areas

The free-run areas (losloopgebieden) as well as the areas prohibited to dogs are indicated on the Begin link: Hondenkaart, end link. . The free-run areas are shown in green or yellow (limited accessibility). The areas where you are not allowed with a dog are shown in red.

Hondenkaart with free-run areas and areas where dogs are not allowed Download image


The beach has only limited access as a free-run area. Beach access for dogs depends upon the section of the beach, the season and the time of day. Read more on the page Begin link: Dogs, seals and horses on the beach, end link. .

Duty to clean up after your dog

You are obliged to clean up after your dog everywhere in The Hague. This applies to the areas where dogs may roam freely, including the beach. This way we keep The Hague clean. Dog owners must carry a ‘pooper scooper’ with them at all times, such as paper, plastic baggies or a small scoop. You can dispose of the dog poop in a dog poop bin, waste bin or underground rubbish container.

Only disabled people with a guide (seeing-eye) or service dog are not obliged to clean up after their dog.

Report dog poop

Is there dog poop lying on the street or sidewalk? You can Begin link: report it to the municipality, end link. . The municipality will use this information to better enforce the rules. The municipal enforcement teams, foresters and the police will check to see if people are following the rules for leashing dogs and cleaning up dog poop.

Dangerous dogs and biting incidents

Dogs may not pose any danger to their surroundings. The safety and well-being of people and animals is most important. Should a dangerous situation arise or if you are involved in a biting incident, you can phone the police on tel. 0900 – 8844. In an emergency phone tel. 112. Dogs which have been deemed dangerous must to be put on a short leash and wear a muzzle when outdoors.

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