Dogs, seals and horses on the beach

Would you like to let your dog run freely on the beach? Or would you like to take a horseback ride along the shoreline? This is permitted everywhere on The Hague’s beaches from 1 October to 15 May.


The beach has limited access as a free-run area (losloopgebeid). Even then you are responsible for picking up your dog’s poop. You are obliged to carry a ‘pooper scooper’ (such as baggies) with you at all times when you walk your dog.

From 15 May to 1 October dogs are permitted on the following sections of the beach:

  • In the evening between 21.00 and 7.00 hrs. on the entire Zuiderstrand.
  • All day and night from beach access point 2 (end of the car park on the Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan) up to the city’s border with Westland.
  • All day and night between beach access point 9 (Kwartellaan) and beach access point 10 (Duivelandsestraat).

All day and night from the beach access point at the end of the Zwarte Pad car park to the city’s border with Wassenaar.


Seals sometimes use the beach to have a rest. Are you out walking your dog on the beach and have you spotted a seal?

  • Put your dog on a leash immediately.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 30 metres.

The Animal Rescue Service (Dierenambulance) is more frequently seeing seals covered in dog bite wounds. They sometimes die from their wounds. Seals can become aggressive and lash out at people and dogs. Do not try to come closer to take a selfie with a seal.

Have you seen a seal and are you concerned? Call the Begin external link: Dierenambulance Den Haag(External link), end external link. on tel. (070) 328 28 28.


You are allowed to ride a horse on the beach but there are rules for this. You can go horse riding when it is quiet on the beach. But once it becomes busier, horses can pose a danger to other visitors to the beach. And beach visitors can pose a danger to the horse. Horse-drawn carriages are never permitted on the beach.

When are you allowed to go horse riding on the beach?

  • You are allowed to go horseback riding all day from 1 October to 15 May.
  • In the summer months, from 16 May to 1 October, you are only allowed to go horseback riding between 19.00 and 7.00 hrs.

These rules are in effect for both the Noorderstrand (beach in Scheveningen) and the Zuiderstrand.

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