Rent out a room

Do you want to rent out all the rooms in your home? Or do you have a spare room you would like to rent out? You have to comply with a number of conditions.

Belangrijke informatie: As of 1 June 2021 there are new rules for room rentals. A conversion permit is required for room rentals for 3 or more people. The municipality is not granting any new permits in a large number of neighbourhoods. And there are stricter requirements for neighbourhoods where it is still possible to get a permit.

There is growing demand among young people, (international) students and migrant workers for small temporary accommodation. A room rental is a good option for these groups of people. Under this type of arrangement tenants share a living space, but they do not constitute a couple or family. These tenants share the sanitary facilities (bathroom, shower), the kitchen and the toilet/WC with each other. Sometimes they also share the living room.

In which neighbourhoods

As of 1 June 2021 the municipality will only grant new room rental permits in neighbourhoods where:

  • the average property value (WOZ-waarde) is higher than € 405,000 (amount 2023). This amount is annually indexed.
  • 5% or less of the homes are currently being used for room rentals

In the image below you can see the neighbourhoods where you can apply for new room rental permits (reference date is 1 January 2023):

(03) Westbroekpark and Duttendel
(04) Benoordenhout
(05) Archipelbuurt
(10) Zorgvliet
(13) Vogelwijk
(15) Kijkduin and Ockenburgh
(16) Kraayenstein en Vroondaal
(43) Forepark
(44) Leidschenveen

Neighbourhoods where new room rental permits are still possible under certain conditions.
Neighbourhoods where new room rental permits are still possible under certain conditions.

Rules for renting out rooms

  • You may rent out a room without a permit to a maximum of 2 people at 1 address. This only applies if you do not live in the property yourself.
  • Do you and your family members also live in the property? Then you and your family members all count towards the maximum number of people. For example: you live alone in the property. You may then rent out a room to a maximum of 1 other person without a permit.
  • For room rentals for 3 or more people you have to apply for a conversion permit. This is a permit for converting independent living space into a space for room rentals. More information on applying for this permit can be found under Permit to convert a property into room rentals.
  • A maximum of 8 occupants is allowed for conversion permits for room rentals.
  • The municipality will not grant any conversion permits in vulnerable neighbourhoods.
  • The person renting your room has the right to a minimum of 18 square metres of living space. This comprises the actual room plus the shared communal spaces. Such as the kitchen, toilet/WC and the bathroom.
  • There are additional rules for sound insulation for 5 people or more.
  • Are you planning to rent out 5 or more rooms in 1 property? Then you must take additional fire safety measures. You must submit a Report on Use. You can find more information on this under the All-in-one building permit.
Belangrijke informatie:

  • Were you renting out a property to a maximum of 3 people before 1 June 2021? Then you do not need a conversion permit. Your tenants are permitted to change as long as no more than 3 people are living in the property.
  • Will you stop renting out the property but then you will rent it out again as room rentals to 3 or more people? Or will the property not be used as room rentals for 6 consecutive months? Then you do need a conversion permit. The permit application must comply with the new rules.

In addition, it is important that you:

  • provide your tenants with safe and healthy living conditions
  • keep well-organised records of the rental contracts and draw up rental contracts which meet the legal requirements. More information on this can be found on the website of the Dutch government.
  • comply with the rules for the maximum rental prices and the rental increase. Information on setting rental prices can be found on the website of the Dutch government.
  • ensure that all defects not caused by your tenants are repaired
  • make sure as much as possible that the tenants are registered with the Municipality of The Hague. Read more information on the page Report your move.

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Published: 8 July 2021Modified: 17 July 2023