Rent out a room

Do you want to let all the rooms in your home? Or do you just have a spare room you would like to let? If so, there are a number of conditions you have to comply with.

A new regulation for room rentals took effect as of 23 June 2020. For now no new licences will be granted for converting a house into rental rooms. Applications for this conversion permit will therefore be rejected. This measure will remain in effect until the municipality has approved a new room rental policy. More information can be found in the adapted Beleidsregel omzettingsvergunningen Den Haag 2020 (RIS305540) (in Dutch).

There is growing demand among young people, (international) students and migrant workers for small temporary living quarters. A house in multiple occupation could be a good solution for this need. Tenants share a living space, but they are not part of the same household (couple or family). These tenants share toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities. In some cases they also share a communal living room.

Rules for renting out rooms

  • You may let a room to a maximum of 3 people at 1 address without needing a licence for this. However, this is only applicable if you do not live in the dwelling yourself.
  • If you and any of your family members live at the relevant address, then you and your family members all count when adding up the maximum number of people to whom you may let a room without a licence. For example, you live alone at the address. Then you may let a room to a maximum of 2 other people without a licence.
  • As soon as you let a room to 4 or more people, you have to apply for a conversion permit. This is a permit for converting independent accommodation into a communal dwelling made up of a number of separate rooms. More information on applying for this permit can be found under Converting a house into rental rooms.
  • Please note: There is a ban on letting rooms to more than 3 people for each address in the following neighbourhoods: Bouwlust/Vrederust, Groente- and Fruitmarkt, Laakkwartier and Spoorwijk, Leyenburg, Moerwijk, Morgenstond, Schildersbuurt, Transvaalkwartier, Regentesse- and Valkenboskwartier, Rustenburg - Oostbroek and Zuiderpark. If you also live at the relevant address, you and your family members will all count in this maximum number. If your family consists of 3 or more people, you will not get permission to let rooms.
    For more information about this decision go to Beleidsregel Omzettingsvergunningen 2020 and the Huisvestingsverordening Den Haag 2019 (in Dutch).
  • In all other neighbourhoods and in the Koningsplein and Heesterbuurt neighbourhoods, it is possible to let rooms to more than 3 people for each address. You still have to apply for a conversion permit. For more information, please see Converting a house into rental rooms.
  • The person renting your room is entitled to at least 12 square metres of living space. This comprises the actual room plus the communal rooms such as the toilet, bathroom and kitchen facilities.
  • If you plan to let 5 or more rooms at 1 address, you must take additional fire safety measures. You must submit a Report on Use. You can find more information on this under the All-in-one building permit.

Furthermore, it is important that you:

  • provide your tenants with safe and healthy living conditions.
  • draw up rental agreements which meet the legal requirements. More information on this can be found on the website of the Dutch government.
  • comply with the rules for the maximum rental prices and the rental increase. Information on setting rental prices can be found on the website of the Dutch government.
  • ensure that all defects not caused by your tenant are repaired.

Published: 25 October 2016Modified: 12 November 2020