• Apply for Dutch citizenship (naturalisation)

    Do you live in The Hague and would you like to obtain Dutch citizenship (nationality)? Then you can apply for naturalisation at the municipality.

  • Naturalisation ceremony

    Will you be getting Dutch citizenship through naturalisation or the option application? Then you will pronounce the Declaration of Solidarity during the naturalisation ceremony. You will receive an invitation to the naturalisation ceremony.

  • Naturalisation process briefly explained

    Have you applied for naturalisation at the municipality because you would like to get Dutch citizenship (nationality)? This is what will happen with your application.

  • Apply for Dutch citizenship through an option procedure

    The option procedure is a simple way of obtaining Dutch citizenship (nationality). You will need to belong to a certain, legally determined group.

  • Remigration, renounce Dutch citizenship

    Are you returning to your country of birth and do you have both Dutch citizenship and another citizenship? Then you must renounce your Dutch citizenship if you qualify for a remigration benefit.