Status holders in The Hague

Status holders are refugees with a temporary asylum residence permit. On this page you can read what The Hague is doing to ensure that status holders can integrate and get housing.

What is the municipality doing?

The Hague welcomes status holders. It is offering them a safe home and is helping them build up their lives in The Hague.

Status holders are members of Dutch society. In order to be able to participate in society it is important that they get housing as well as help with the integration process.

Help in finding accommodation

Every half year the State determines how many status holders the Dutch municipalities are obliged to make living accommodation available for. Larger municipalities house more status holders than smaller municipalities.

The Hague aims to provide suitable living accommodation to status holders as quickly as possible (within 12 weeks). This happens 1 time. This means that the municipality offers status holders housing which takes into account the size of the family and income. The municipality tries as much as possible to place status holders in social housing at various locations throughout the city. To realise this it works closely together with housing associations, the Dutch Council for Refugees (Vluchtelingenwerk) and the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA).

Help with the integration process

As of 1 January 2022 the municipality is providing assistance to status holders during the integration process. Every status holder is assigned a contact person during this process. This person makes sure that the integration process goes smoothly. Read more information on the integration process under the Civic Integration Act 2021 in the Begin external link: rapportage Implementatie Haagse Inburgering (RIS310619)(External link), end external link. (in Dutch).

Status holders who fall under the Civic Integration Act from 2013 can also count on getting help from the municipality. The Hague believes that it is important that everybody gets the chance to be able to develop himself to the maximum. This is why the municipality is helping this group as much as possible under the Civic Integration Act 2021. The municipality is increasing its efforts to make sure that status holders are able to integrate and participate in social life.

Unaccompanied minor aliens (AMV)

When unaccompanied minor aliens (AMV) come to live in The Hague, social organisations such as Begin external link: NIDOS(External link), end external link. will place them in housing. They will often be housed in small-scale reception centres until they turn 18. Usually there is supervision. This is a contact person for household matters and other questions.

Focus on psychological problems

Good mental health is an important condition for being able to integrate and participate in society. Many status holders have a great deal of resilience. It is important to help them maintain this resilience and where possible to reinforce it. People working in the integration process and counsellors are trained to deal with residents with psychological problems. And to recognise these problems at an early stage in order to get adequate support.

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