Integration and naturalisation

  • Civic integration

    The civic integration process (inburgeren) means being able to participate in Dutch society as quickly as possible.

  • Naturalisation

    Naturalisation, applying for Dutch citizenship, renouncing Dutch nationality.

  • Learning Dutch

    Would you like to learn to speak, write and read Dutch better? Do you want to actively participate in society or are you required to take a civic integration course? Different courses and programmes are available in The Hague.

  • Status holders

    On this page you can find information about The Hague's policy on housing for asylum status holders - refugees with a temporary asylum residence permit.

  • Consultation hours for EU migrant workers

    Migrant workers from EU member states can get answers to their questions during the consultation hours of IDHEM-Xtra.

  • Doing volunteer work for status holders

    Help from volunteers is warmly welcome. You can sign up as a volunteer to help the status holders find their way in The Hague. Or help in another way.