Integration and naturalisation

  • Integration

    The Civic Integration Act requires that certain groups of people integrate in the Netherlands.

  • Naturalisation

    Do you live in the Netherlands and would you like to obtain Dutch citizenship? Then you can apply for naturalisation at the municipality.

  • Option, applying for Dutch citizenship

    The option procedure is the simplest way of obtaining Dutch citizenship. You will need to belong to a certain, legally determined group.

  • Remigration, renouncing Dutch nationality

    Are you returning to your country of origin and do you have both Dutch nationality and another nationality? Then you must renounce your Dutch nationality.

  • Status holders

    As the city of peace and justice the Municipality of The Hague is keen to help resolve the refugee issue.

  • Information Desk for EU Migrant Workers

    Migrant workers from EU member states can get answers to their questions during the consultation hours of Stichting IDHEM.

  • Free integration project SamenHaags

    SamenHaags combines intense language classes with community work and networking.