Vocational education in The Hague

There are 3 schools for vocational education at the secondary level (MBO) in and around The Hague. MBO encourages the social participation of students through vocational training, general education and job-related courses. From electrical engineering to hospitality: a suitable programme can be found for every MBO student in The Hague.

Decision aid

The website Bekijkjetoekomstnu.nl provides regional information to help VMBO, MBO and HBO students find a suitable educational programme or internship. Counsellors, parents, schools and companies can also make use of the website.

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The website is an initiative of all the municipalities in The Hague region, together with the schools and industry. The site matches the personal qualities and interests of the students with careers. This way young people can select an appropriate study programme.

You can also find information about developments in the labour market and internships in the region. Employers can post a profile on their own organisations on the site and publicise any internship opportunities they are offering.

MBO schools in the Netherlands offer a number of English-language programmes, for example in Business and Hospitality. For other study programmes, Dutch language training is compulsory.

ROC Mondriaan

ROC Mondriaan offers an educational programme for vocational students and adult students. Mondriaan provides vocational training in more than 20 different areas: from an assistant position to work in the care sector.

More than 30,000 students are enrolled at ROC Mondriaan. As a regional education and training centre Mondriaan works together with companies, public institutions and local and national authorities in The Hague.

More information can be found on the website of ROC Mondriaan.


Wellantcollege is a school with 27 branches in North Holland, South Holland and Central Netherlands. Wellantcollege provides VMBO and MBO courses to more than 14,000 secondary students and college students. Wellantcollege has 2 VMBO schools in The Hague: Westvliet and Madestein. Wellantcollege for MBO in Rijswijk has study programmes in the environment, animal care and horticulture.

More information can be found on the website of Wellantcollege.


mboRijnland is a regional training centre with branches in Zoetermeer, Voorburg and Leiden. The school provides vocational education at the secondary level to young people, but it also offers courses and training programmes to adults. There are MBO study programmes in the areas of hospitality, ICT, cosmetology and much more.

More information can be found on the website of mboRijnland.

MBO guide for The Hague region

The MBO guide help you choose a suitable MBO programme. Look at the guide on the website Bekijkjetoekomstnu.nl

Published: 17 September 2021Modified: 22 March 2022