Studying and living in The Hague

With a population of 550,000 inhabitants The Hague is the 3rd largest city in the Netherlands. It may seem big, but actually everything is fairly close by. From the city centre you can cycle in less than 15 minutes to the beach and to the various educational institutes.

The Hague has 44 neighbourhood in 8 city districts. Many students live in the neighbourhoods of the Zeeheldenkwartier, Laakkwartier, Regentessekwartier and Bezuidenhout. Take a look at Wonen in Den Haag(External link) .

Looking for a room

There are different ways to find student accommodation. For example, through student housing, housing associations or commercial bureaus. But they also can use their own network, bulletin boards at the school or neighbourhood supermarket or internet.

The specialist in student housing in The Hague is DUWO. This organisation can help you look for a room or a self-contained living accommodation (studio). The website of DUWO(External link) offers more information about registration and the rooms on offer. The Hague also has a number of housing associations. Look at the offer on the website of Staedion(External link) .


Are you trying to get a room in a student house? Then you usually have to go through a competitive ‘hospiteren’ process. This means that you apply for the room, wait for an invitation and then go look at the room and present yourself to the current housemates together with many other candidates. The students who are already living there will decide who will get the room. These types of rooms can usually be found through word of mouth, in advertisements on bulletin boards or on internet.


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