Studying and living in The Hague

Are you coming to study in The Hague and are you looking for housing? There are various types of accommodation for students. However, demand for living space is high in the city. It is not easy to find (student) housing. Prepare well in advance to boost your chances.

The Hague has nearly 35,000 students. There is currently a shortage of housing in the city. This is why it is important to start looking for accommodation as soon as possible. For example, a room in a student house, a studio or lodgings in a private home.

Studying in The Hague

With a population of 550,000, The Hague is the 3rd largest city in the Netherlands. It might seem like a big city, but actually everything is fairly close by for students. From the city centre you can cycle in less than 15 minutes to the beach. Or to one of the colleges or universities.

The Hague has 44 neighbourhoods in 8 city districts. Most students live in the neighbourhoods of the Zeeheldenkwartier, Laakkwartier, Regentessekwartier and Bezuidenhout.

Tips for finding housing

Here are some tips to help you find accommodation.

Begin your search for accommodation on time. And use different resources. Register on various websites. But also make use of your own network. Ask family, friends, colleagues or fellow students whether they can help you find accommodation.

Housing associations

The specialist in student housing in The Hague is DUWO. It offers housing for students who want a self-contained living accommodation (studio). But also for students who are willing to share a toilet, bathroom and kitchen with other housemates. You can find the rooms on offer on the Begin external link: website of DUWO(External link), end external link.. You will also find information on how you can register. The housing association Begin external link: Staedion(External link), end external link. also offers student accommodation.

Private lodgings

You can also rent a room as a lodger in a private house. This type of arrangement is called ‘hospita verhuur’ in Dutch. In The Hague there are different organisations which arrange private lodgings. For example, Begin external link: Hospi Housing(External link), end external link.Begin external link: link), end external link. and Begin external link: link), end external link..

Student house

A common way for students to find accommodation is to rent a room in a student house. To get a room in a student house, you usually have to go through a competitive ‘hospiteren’ process. You apply for the room, wait for an invitation and then go look at the room and present yourself to the current housemates together with many other candidates. The students who are already living in the house will decide who will get the room. There are several networks for this, such as Begin external link: link), end external link..

Website of college or university

Check the website of your college or university from time to time. It might also provide information about finding accommodation.

Good Landlordship Act

The Begin link: Good Landlordship Act, end link. came into force on 1 July 2023. This law is intended to protect people who are searching for a rental property and tenants from abuses by landlords. 

This law states the rules for landlords. For example, a landlord may not discriminate or make threats. And a landlord may request a deposit which is not more than 2 times the basic rent. A rental agreement must always be provided in writing. Landlords must provide information to tenants in writing in a language which they understand. If the landlord does not comply with these rules, the municipality can inspect and give a fine.

Do you believe that your landlord is not complying with the terms of the Good Landlordship Act? Report this to the Begin link: hotline for complaints about landlords, end link. .

Rental prices

Make sure that you are not paying too much for your housing. The Begin external link: website of the Dutch government(External link), end external link. provides more information about rented housing.

Free advice

For free advice and information about everything to do with renting housing, visit the Begin link: Rental Helpdesk (Huurbalie), end link. . For example, if you have any questions about your rental agreement or if you have problems in your accommodation such as damp and mould. Students can also go to the Rental Helpdesk if they have any problems with their landlord. It will try to mediate in problems between you and the landlord.

Apply for affordable housing permit

Sometimes you need a permit to be able to live in a less expensive rental property. The permit is needed for a self-contained (independent) living space which has 185 points or less (according to the residential valuation system). Or for a self-contained (independent) living space with a rent of € 1116.85 or less. More information can be found under Begin link: Affordable housing permit, end link. .


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