Rules for holiday rentals

Are your receiving guests in your home from outside The Hague? And will you get money for this? Then this is considered a holiday rental. There are rules for this. You need a registration number and a permit or exemption.

The rules will take effect as of 2 August 2021. This is on the basis of the Begin external link: Dutch Housing Act(External link), end external link. which includes the new national law on holiday rentals (Wet toeristische verhuur van woonruimte).

Permit requirement

Please note: to tackle the housing shortage, the municipality requires you in certain cases to apply for a permit. You will find more information about this on the page Begin link: Measures for problems on the housing market, end link. .


There are different forms of holiday rentals for residential properties. Each form has its own rules and conditions. Would you like to know which form of rental you have? Fill in the decision tree below.

Registration number required

You will need a registration number for holiday rentals as of 2 August 2021. You must state the registration number any time you offer the home to guests as a holiday rental. For example, the number should be included in all listings on online rental platforms such as Airbnb, and Expedia. It should also be stated on any printed material such as a brochure or business card.

Please note: If you were already renting out a pied-à-terre or had a Bed & Breakfast before 2 August 2021, you still need to apply for a registration number.

Housing policy of The Hague

Housing is scarce in The Hague. The rules for holiday rentals ensure that residential properties remain available for people who are looking for a home. According to the housing policy of The Hague, residential properties must be used for residential purposes. And not to earn money. But the municipality does want to make it possible to rent out your home as a holiday rental under certain conditions. Are you renting out your residential property illegally? Then you could get a fine.

Nuisance caused by holiday rentals

Are you bothered by tourists or business visitors in your neighbourhood? You can Begin link: report domestic nuisance, end link. . Choose the ‘residential nuisance’ (‘woonoverlast’) option. You can then indicate that the problems are being caused by holiday rentals. Then describe how long the trouble has been going on and what it is.

It can help if you keep a log of when the nuisance occurs for a few weeks. And what the nuisance is. You can add this overview as an appendix. The municipality will then look at your report.


  • The permit for the holiday rental of a residential property costs € 124.05. This permit is valid for 3 years.
  • The exemption for a pied-à-terre costs € 124.05. The exemption is valid during your tenant’s rental contract.
  • You pay these costs for the processing of your application. If the municipality rejects your application for the permit or exemption, these fees will not be refunded.
  • The registration number and registration of the holiday rental and the number of nights are free of charge.

How long does it take?

You will receive the registration number immediately after you apply for it. The permit or exemption will follow within 8 weeks, if the application and the residential property meet the conditions. You may advertise as soon as you receive the registration number. You may only rent out the residential property once the permit or exemption is granted.

More information

Do you have any questions? Then send an email to Begin link:, end link. .

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