Report domestic nuisance

Are you bothered by noisy neighbours or other people in your neighbourhood? Or is the home overcrowded or being sublet unlawfully? File a complaint with the municipality's Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre.

Needed to report nuisance

When you report domestic nuisance or unlawful overcrowding/subletting to the Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre (Meld- en steunpunt woonoverlast), you need to provide the following details:

  • address of the building where there is nuisance
  • description of the nuisance
  • time of day and duration of the nuisance/disturbance
  • for domestic nuisance: your own contact details.
    you can report unlawful subletting anonymously.

File your report online. If this does not work, you can also contact the municipality.



How long does it take?

A staff member of the Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre will contact you within 5 working days after you file your complaint. He will discuss the various possibilities of how to handle the situation. The type of situation will determine how long it will take to tackle the disturbance.

Due to the coronavirus the municipality cannot always meet its deadline of 5 days. The municipality will deal with your complaint as quickly as possible.

Domestic nuisance

There are different forms of domestic nuisance. Examples include:

  • Neighbours who make noise or behave inappropriately.
  • You have a conflict with your neighbours which you are unable to resolve.
  • Neighbours who burn wood. You are bothered by the smoke and you are unable to resolve this issue.
  • The home is being used for other purposes, for example for holiday rentals, commerce or catering (many people coming and going).

    Report domestic nuisance (form is in Dutch)

    The municipality will deal with your complaint as swiftly as possible. The particular situation will determine how fast it will follow up and what its approach will be. It is not always possible for the municipality to inform you about its actions.

    Are you renting from a housing corporation?

    Are you renting your home from a housing corporation? Then you can report domestic nuisance directly to the corporation. They will take care of the domestic nuisance complaint themselves. Are you a homeowner or are you renting a privately-owned home? You can report domestic nuisance using the button above.

    Unlawful overcrowding/subletting

    You can report a case of unlawful overcrowding/subletting if you suspect that there are too many people living in a property. Or if you think there are people living there who should not be living there. For example, if rooms are being (sub)let against the rules or if people are living in an office building.

    Report unlawful overcrowding (form is in Dutch)

    What does the municipality do with the report?

    • The Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre works together with different organisations to tackle domestic nuisance. For example, organisations which provide care and support as well as the various municipal enforcement teams and police.
    • The Centre explores which organisation(s) can provide a solution in your situation.
    • A staff member from the Centre will contact you to discuss your case. If needed, he will ask you for additional information about the nuisance.
    • The Centre will forward your case to the organisation which will tackle the nuisance and will keep the Centre apprised of the progress.

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