Report domestic nuisance

Are you experiencing serious problems with your neighbours or other people in your living environment? For example, a dispute with neighbours, violence and intimidation, unreasonable noise, bullying, nuisance caused by animals, or filth and negligence? Or neighbours who are burning wood? Report this to the Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre.

Belangrijke informatie: Do you suspect that a property is being used illegally as a holiday rental? you can report it using this form.

Who is it for?

The Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre (Meld- en Steunpunt Woonoverlast) is available to:

  • homeowners
  • tenants of privately-owned properties

Nuisance caused by a company?

Report this type of domestic nuisance to the Omgevingsdienst Haaglanden (ODH).

Are you renting from a housing corporation?

Report the nuisance directly to your housing corporation. They will take care of the domestic nuisance complaint themselves.

Are you the owner or tenant of a privately-owned property?

Report domestic nuisance using the button below.

Needed to make the report

When you report domestic nuisance or unlawful overcrowding to the Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre, provide the following details:

  • address of the building where there is nuisance
  • description of the type of nuisance
  • time of day and duration of the nuisance/disturbance
  • your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • written account of your discussion with the person causing the disturbance.


Before you make a report first see what you can do yourself. Discuss the problem with your neighbours and tell them what nuisance exactly is. Try to prevent a conflict. Perhaps you can involve more neighbours in the discussion. Because you probably are not the only one who is bothered by the disturbance. Are you unable to solve the problem together? Report the nuisance to the municipality using the link below.

Report domestic nuisance (form is in Dutch)

After your report

  • A staff member from the Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre will contact you after you file your report. The Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre works together with different organisations. For example, the Bureau Bemiddeling & Mediation, the police, organisations which provide care and support, the VvE Helpdesk and the Meldpunt Bezorgd.

  • The Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre will assess which organisation can provide the best solution in your situation and will discuss this with you.
  • Does your situation involve a serious disturbance? Or are more organisations involved in working towards a solution? Then a case manager at the Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre will be your contact person.



How long does it take?

After you file your report a staff member of the Domestic Nuisance Complaints Centre will contact you to discuss how to handle the disturbance. The amount of time needed to tackle the nuisance depends on the situation.

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