The Hague - Register a death

Register a death

When a person dies, you should report their death to the municipality in which it occurred. The municipality enters the death of the person with the Registry Office and the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). If the deceased person was not registered in The Hague, the information will be passed to the municipality where he or she was registered.

The municipality will draw up 2 documents and will give these to you:

  • a document in which it permits the funeral to take place, the ‘verlof tot begraven’ (‘permit to bury’) or the ‘verlof tot cremeren’ (‘permit to cremate’).
  • the death certificate (a copy).

Who can report a death?

Undertakers and the next of kin may report a death.

What to bring to register a death

  • When reporting a death, you will need to submit the ‘B-enveloppe’ and the ‘verklaring van overlijden’ (statement of death). This is the official confirmation of death by a doctor.
  • Any other original documents, such as permission from the Public Prosecutor, a medical statement or a will.
  • An official identity document.
  • If you wish to postpone or expedite a funeral or cremation, you will need a permit.

Notification by undertakers

Undertakers may report a death in 2 ways: online and in person at the counter of the city district offices.


If you report a death online, you only need to come by in person to hand in the original doctor’s statement and any other original documents that may be needed. This will save you a lot of (travel) time. You pay the fees when you report the death online. You will receive the permit, the copy of the death certificate and any other documents at your office either the same day or the next working day at the latest.

Step 1:

  • You must first register (one time only) at You will then receive your ‘online key’. This will enable you to log on easily, safely and reliably and to complete the forms.
  • You will receive your online key within 5 working days.

Step 2:

  • You can use your online key to report a death. Use the ‘Kennisgeving Overlijden’ (‘notification of death’) form.

    Report a death (for undertakers, in Dutch)

    • You may submit a maximum of 5 death notifications on each form. You may of course complete and submit multiple forms.
    • You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your notification.
    • You can hand in the original documents each week at the information desk at the Centrum district office.

    In person, at one of the city district offices

    See the information under 'Reporting a death by next of kin’.

    Reporting a death by next of kin

    Next of kin may only report a death in person at the counter of one of the city district offices.

    • Make an appointment online to register the death. This way you can avoid a long wait at the city district office.

      Make an appointment

          Exceptional cases

          In exceptional cases, the municipality will draw up a death certificate, for example:

          • if there is a legal presumption of death. If no body has been found but death is certain, the courts may declare that the person is dead.
          • for a stillborn baby.


            • Copy of the death certificate: € 13.40
            • Permit for burial/cremation: free
            • Permit to expedite or postpone funeral: € 84.35
            • Laissez-passer: € 9.90

            These are the rates for 2019.

              The only possible payment method at the city district offices is by bank pass. You can also pay cash at the Centrum city district office, as well as by bank card.

              Certificate of inheritance

              Notification of death is not a certificate of inheritance. Legatees can use a certificate of inheritance to demonstrate that they have a right to the possessions and debts of the deceased person. You can apply for a certificate of inheritance from a civil-law notary registered in the Netherlands.


              Companies can use eHerkenning to arrange matters online with government agencies safely, reliably, and easily. The Municipality of The Hague uses eHerkenning (reliability level 3) for certain products and services. Read more about eHerkenning (in Dutch).

              Death abroad

              Information on reporting a death abroad can be found at (in Dutch).