Laissez-passer to transport a deceased person abroad

You may transport a deceased person from the Netherlands to another country with a laissez-passer (transport ticket). The municipality has to grant approval for this transport. The laissez-passer states the name of the deceased and the place to which they are being taken.

You can arrange a laissez-passer at the Overlijdensloket at City Hall Spui.

An undertaker asks the municipality for permission to transport the body abroad.

  • the form to register a death in The Hague
  • a medical statement by a medical examiner or coroner
  • a certificate of death by natural causes or otherwise a declaration by the Public Prosecutor

You can apply for a laissez-passer at the Overlijdensloket in City Hall Spui.
You can make an appointment do to this. Send an email to contact the municipality .

The laissez-passer is available in Dutch, English, French and German.

A laissez-passer costs € 11.30 (rate in 2023).

You can only use a bank card at the Overlijdensloket.

You will get a laissez-passer during your appointment.


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