Advice and Information desk

Do you need help applying for a social welfare benefit? Or do you have questions about measures for people with a low income? Visit an Advice and Information desk. The staff are there to assist you. The help and support provided by the Advice and Information desks is free.

You can stop by for a personal talk. The staff will answer your questions about income, care and/or well-being. And they will help you find the right counter if you do not know where you can go. You can also make use of a computer and the copier at the Advice and Information desks.

Visiting without an appointment

You do not need an appointment if you:

  • are no longer able to pay for accommodation or food because of financial problems
  • are facing eviction from your home. Or if your electricity and/or water will be shut off
  • want to ask for an advance on your allowance payment (only if you have applied for a social welfare benefit)
  • received a letter which you do not understand
  • want to write a preliminary objection to a (municipal) decision
  • want to submit extra documents to the Department of Social Affairs and Employment Projects (SZW)
  • want to arrange assistance through the Social Support Act (Wmo)
  • want to pick up an application form for measures for people with a low income
  • want to give the municipality your new OV-chipkaart number (if you are using the free travel measure)
  • want to request and activate a DigiD code
  • want to use a computer and copier for your municipal affairs (You can use the municipality’s USB connection to access your documents on a USB stick or smartphone. If you are using a smartphone, then you need to bring your charging cable with USB connector.)

Visiting with an appointment

You need an appointment to:

  • get assistance applying for an allowance payment from the municipality
  • make use of a measure for people with a low income
  • get assistance applying for income support for people of AOW pension age (AIO supplement), through the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB)
  • get assistance applying for or extending a food parcel from the Foodbank

Always take with you

  • valid identity document (identity card or passport)
  • copy of your bank statements from the last 3 months
  • copy of your income and/or allowance specification (not for allowances you get from the municipality)
  • login information for your bank and email address (you will log in yourself)
  • login information for DigiD
  • if you do not have all your information: a statement why you are unable to submit the documents (on time)

Extra documents needed depending on the application

  • for a medical request: the policy document of your health insurance provider
  • for a request for legal aid: the ‘civiele toevoeging’ and invoice from the attorney
  • for a municipal contribution for chronic illnesses and disabilities: your Wmo or CIZ indication
  • for special assistance: a copy of the (preliminary) invoice and/or bills for your unforeseen necessary costs  
  • for an application for assistance: the letter showing your allowance or employment has ended and your rental contract or purchase deed

Make an appointment

You can make an appointment at the desks. Or call SZW customer service.

How does it work?

When you enter the building you tell the person at the ticket machine or reception desk that you are visiting the Advice and Information desk (Advies- en informatiebalie). You will get a number. You then wait until your number is called.


  • Centrum district office, Spui 70
  • Leyweg City Office, Leyweg 813

Open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 16.30 hrs.

Published: 10 March 2022Modified: 4 April 2023