• Parking

    Everything about parking in The Hague: parking permits, number plate parking, paid parking and fines, permit areas.

  • Waste and recycling

    Household waste, household waste calendar, Afvalpas, separating waste, bulky waste, garden waste and company waste.

  • Moving and immigration

    Report your move, proof of occupancy, moving from abroad, mailing address, address investigation, settling in The Hague, work and housing.

  • Passport and identity card

    Apply for or renew your Dutch passport or identity card.

  • Care and support

    Social Support Act (WMO), request care and assistance, service points, modifications to home, wheelchair, mobility scooter, caregivers, legal assistance, Homeless Help Desk.

  • Report a problem

    Report a problem with rubbish and housing issues such as nuisance, overdue maintenance and other complaints.

  • Certificates and official documents

    Apply for (or register) certificates, extracts and official documents such as a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) and personal information in BRP.

  • Birth and adoption

    Register a birth, paternity, acknowledgement of parenthood, adoption.

  • Taxes

    Municipal taxes, paying taxes, refunds, contesting taxes, property value, dog tax, contact.

  • Ground lease

    Ground lease in The Hague, reissue, paying, from ground lease to your own land.

  • Permits and exemptions

    Arrange permits and exemptions for parking, building and renovation, and events.

  • Marriage and registered partnership

    Marriage, registered partnership and wedding venues.

  • Driving licence

    Apply for and renew a driving licence, exchange a foreign driving licence.

  • Integration and naturalisation

    Help with integration, learning Dutch, naturalisation, status holders, info for EU migrant workers.

  • Subsidies

    Subsidy for activities, climate adaptation and sponsorship for student clubs.

  • Death

    Arrange a funeral or cremation. Death certificate, cemeteries.

  • Divorce and termination of registered partnership

    Divorce certificate, registering a divorce, termination of registered partnership.

In the city

  • Introducing The Hague

    Statistics on The Hague, a royal city, history of The Hague.

  • Getting there and around

    Public transport, parking, road maintenance, cycling in The Hague, getting downtown and to Scheveningen.

  • Sport

    Swimming pools, sport rentals, sporting facilities, sporting events, disabled sports, swimming lessons.

  • Nature and environment

    CO2 neutral city, the green city, sustainability, water and the city, dogs and animals.

  • Education and studying

    Primary education, secondary education, tertiary and vocational education, international education, childcare.

  • Leisure

    Outdoor markets, bookstores and libraries, theatres, sports, fun on Scheveningen beach.

  • Safety

    Camera surveillance, alcohol and cannabis bans, lost and found items, municipal enforcers, cyber security.

  • Business

    Networking and contact information, Local Business Counter, Impact Economy Programme.

  • News

    The latest news about the city of The Hague.

Municipality of The Hague

  • Municipal Council

    Council members, meeting schedule, video streams, Council Committees, get involved.

  • Municipal Executive

    Mayor and aldermen, decisions by the Municipal Executive, official documents, press room.

  • Municipal organisation

    Municipal departments, City Hall, Atrium City Hall.

  • International The Hague

    City of Peace and Justice, innovating peace and justice, business location, International Zone, Directorate of International Affairs.

  • Elections

    Dutch parliamentary elections 2023, Dutch voters abroad, Elections Unit.

  • Contact with the municipality

    Contact information, city district offices, make an appointment, complaints, objections and appeals.

  • Ukraine

    The Hague is providing shelter to refugees from Ukraine. The information for refugees has also been translated into Ukrainian and Dutch.

  • The Hague in numbers

    The Hague is the 3rd largest city in the Netherlands with 560,000 inhabitants (2023). Read more about the city and its inhabitants.

  • Help with high energy prices

    Are you facing financial difficulties because of the high energy prices? Read what you can do to save on your energy bill. And look where you can go for help with your money matters and allowances.