• Parking

    Everything about parking in The Hague: parking permits, number plate parking, paid parking and fines, permit areas.

  • Waste and recycling

    Household waste, household waste calendar, Afvalpas, separating waste, bulky waste, garden waste and company waste.

  • Taxes

    Municipal taxes, paying taxes, refunds, contesting taxes, property value, dog tax, contact.

  • Moving and immigration

    Report your move, proof of occupancy, moving from abroad, mailing address, address investigation, settling in The Hague, work and housing.

  • Passport and identity card

    Apply for or renew your Dutch passport or identity card.

  • Care and support

    Social Support Act (WMO), request care and assistance, service points, adaptation to house, wheelchair, mobility scooter, caregivers, legal assistance.

  • Certificates and official documents

    Apply for (or register) certificates, extracts and official documents such as a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) and personal information in BRP.

  • Birth and adoption

    Register a birth, paternity, acknowledgment of parenthood, adoption.

  • Permits and exemptions

    Arrange permits and exemptions for parking, building and renovation, and events.

  • Marriage and registered partnership

    Marriage, registered partnership and wedding venues.

  • Driving licence

    Apply for and renew a driving licence, exchange a foreign driving licence.

  • Ground lease

    Ground lease in The Hague, reissue, paying, from ground lease to your own land.

  • Report a problem

    Report a problem with rubbish and housing issues such as nuisance, overdue maintenance and other complaints.

  • Integration and naturalisation

    Help with integration, learning Dutch, naturalisation, status holders, info for EU migrant workers.

  • Subsidies

    Subsidy for activities, 'green roofs' and sponsorship for student clubs.

  • Death

    Arrange a funeral or cremation. Death certificate, cemeteries.

  • Divorce and termination of registered partnership

    Divorce certificate, registering a divorce, termination of registered partnership.

In the city

  • Introducing The Hague

    Statistics on The Hague, a royal city, history of The Hague.

  • Getting there and around

    Public transport, parking, road maintenance, cycling in The Hague, getting downtown and to Scheveningen.

  • Sport

    Swimming pools, sport rentals, sporting facilities, sporting events, disabled sports, swimming lessons.

  • Nature and environment

    CO2 neutral city, the green city, sustainability, water and the city, dogs and animals.

  • Education and studying

    Primary education, secondary education, tertiary and vocational education, international education, childcare.

  • Health care

    Public Health Department (GGD Haaglanden), emergencies, children's health care, special health care assistance

  • Leisure

    Outdoor markets, bookstores and libraries, theatres, sports, fun on Scheveningen beach.

  • Safety

    Camera surveillance, alcohol and cannabis bans, reporting crime, lost and found items, domestic violence, municipal enforcers.

  • Business

    Networking and contact information, Local Business Counter, Impact Economy Programme.

  • News

    The latest news about the city of The Hague.

Municipality of The Hague

  • Municipal Council

    Council members, meeting schedule, video streams, Council Committees, get involved.

  • Municipal Executive

    Mayor and aldermen, decisions by the Municipal Executive, official documents, press room.

  • Municipal organisation

    Municipal departments, City Hall, Atrium City Hall.

  • International The Hague

    City of Peace and Justice, innovating peace and justice, business location, International Zone, Directorate of International Affairs.

  • The Hague in numbers

    The Hague is the 3rd largest city in the Netherlands with nearly 550,000 inhabitants (2021). Read more about the city and its inhabitants.

  • Elections

    Elections, Dutch voters abroad.

  • Contact with the municipality

    Contact information, city district offices, make an appointment, complaints, objections and appeals.

  • Coronavirus (English page)

    On this page you will find more information about the coronavirus. The municipality is providing support to businesses and the cultural sector.

  • Ukraine

    The Hague is providing shelter to refugees from Ukraine. Refugees who are now arriving in The Hague and have no place to stay are being put up in hotels.