Camera surveillance by waste containers

Waste placed next to containers or on the street makes the neighbourhood dirty and causes nuisance. This is why the municipality did an experiment in 2022. It installed cameras in a number of spots where people often illegally dump their rubbish next to the container.

Most people dispose of their rubbish properly in the waste container. But there are areas of the city where some people are not sticking to the rules for waste disposal. To improve this the Municipal Council asked for an experiment using camera surveillance. The goal was to find out whether camera surveillance helps to combat the nuisance.

Cameras for a half year at alternating spots

For the experiment the municipality tried out 5 cameras: 3 real surveillance cameras and 2 fake cameras which do not film. The cameras were installed in a different spot each time. The trial lasted 6 months: from January to July 2022. The results of the experiment were examined and an evaulation will be made. The municipality will then decide whether camera surveillance will be conducted more often.


The cameras only filmed the waste containers and the immediate area. Homes, gardens and windows near the waste container were digitally protected so that nobody could look inside.

The cameras filmed 24 hours a day. Afterwards smart software detected whether rubbish was placed next to the container. If this happened, the images were saved and used for fines.

During the trial with camera surveillance the municipality complied with the rules for the protection of personal data. Read more about the protection of personal data and your right of access on the page Begin link: Data Protection Declaration, end link. .

Extra weapon against problems with rubbish

Some 1,000 municipal employees are working on a daily basis to make and keep the city clean. Each year the municipality receives more than 60,000 reports of street litter or rubbish placed next to the bin. The municipality is taking extra measures to combat the problem with rubbish. The experiment with camera surveillance is 1 of these measures.

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