Camera surveillance by waste containers

Waste placed next to containers or on the street makes the neighbourhood dirty and causes nuisance. This is why the municipality is installing cameras in a number of spots where people often illegally dump their rubbish next to containers.

Most people dispose of their rubbish properly. But there are areas of the city where not everybody is following the waste disposal rules. To improve this the Municipal Council has requested a trial with camera surveillance. The goal is to find out whether camera surveillance will help combat the nuisance.

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Cameras for a half year at alternating spots

The municipality has 5 cameras for the trial: 3 real surveillance cameras and 2 fake cameras which do not film. The cameras will be installed in a different area each time. The trial will last 6 months. The results of the trial will be available at the end of 2022. The municipality will then decide whether camera surveillance will be conducted more often.  

19 locations in Laak and Transvaal

The municipality has selected 19 locations for the trial in spots in the Laak and Transvaal neighbourhoods where there are problems with waste. The cameras will continuously film 24 hours a day from December 2021 to July 2022. Everyone approaching the container will be seen on camera. Only the images captured of people who place their rubbish next to the container will be saved. The people who place their rubbish next to the container risk getting a hefty fine.

The cameras will be installed at various spots in the Laak and Transvaal neighbourhoods. They will be placed by containers where a large amount of rubbish was dumped over the past 6 months. Because it is a trial, the cameras will be placed at alternating spots. This way the municipality can see whether the cameras perhaps work better in one neighbourhood versus another. The municipality has informed the residents living close to the targeted waste containers about the trial.

These are the spots where cameras could be installed:


  • Pasteurplein
  • Wenckebachstraat
  • Ingenhouszstraat
  • Pasteurstraat
  • Eliasstraat
  • Eliasplein
  • Minckelerstraat
  • Jan van der Heijdenstraat
  • Lorentzplein


  • Cilliersstraat
  • Kaapstraat
  • Kaapseplein
  • Saenredamstraat
  • Springfonteinstraat
  • Marktweg
  • Groenteweg
  • Honthorststraat
  • Steijnlaan
  • Herman Costerstraat


The cameras only film the waste containers and the immediate vicinity. If there are homes, gardens or windows near the waste container, they will be digitally protected so that nobody is able to look inside.

The cameras will film 24 hours a day. Afterwards smart software will detect whether rubbish has been placed next to the container. If this occurs, the images will be saved. The software automatically erases all other images.

During the trial the municipality will abide by the rules for the protection of police information. Read more about the protection of personal data and your right of access on the page Data Protection Declaration.

Extra weapon against problems with rubbish

Some 1,000 municipal employees are working on a daily basis to make and keep the city clean. Each year the municipality receives more than 60,000 reports of street litter or rubbish placed next to the bin. The municipality is taking extra measures to combat the problem with rubbish. The trial with camera surveillance is 1 measure. Other measures include:  

  • Launching the MyCleanCity app so that everyone can report waste next to containers more easily
  • A new online form to report street litter and waste next to containers easily and quickly

Residents and businesses in Transvaal and Laak are sharing their ideas on what else can be done to make the neighbourhood cleaner. These ideas can be found in the wijkagendas (neighbourhood programmes) for Transvaal, Laak Centraal and the Schipperskwartier. The wijkagenda has been created together with residents and businesses in the neighbourhood. The wijkagenda for the Schipperskwartier will soon be available online.

More information

If you have questions about the cameras, send an email to

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Camera with sign by waste container
Camera with sign by waste container

Published: 14 January 2022Modified: 1 March 2022