Tourist tax

You have to pay the tourist tax if you charge people for an overnight stay. This applies to people who live outside of The Hague. You pay the tourist tax on tourist and commercial overnight stays.

Who pays the tourist tax?

If you receive money for an overnight stay, you are liable for paying the tourist tax. You can charge the tax on to the person spending the night with you. You subsequently pay the tax to the municipality. Even if you are a private individual, for example renting out lodging via Airbnb or Wimdu to non-residents of The Hague, you are still liable for the tourist tax.

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You will have to abide by certain rules if you rent out your home while you are on holiday or if you want to start up a Bed and Breakfast (B&B),

Declaration of tourist tax for Hague residents

Residents of the municipality do not need to pay any tourist tax. You should make sure to record in your administrative files that the guest was a resident of The Hague. This can be done using the form Declaration of tourist tax for Hague residents.

Declaration of tourist tax for Hague residents (PDF, 93,1 kB)


Tourist Tax
Type of overnight stay Rate as of 1 January 2021
hotels, recreational houses, Bed and Breakfast or another type of overnight stay € 5.35
campsite or harbour € 2.50

The municipality only charges the tourist tax for overnight stays for people who are 13 years old and older.

You can download the complete list of rates in 4 languages (Dutch, English, German and French) below.

Tourist tax rate card for 2022 (PDF, 90,7 kB)

Tax return and payment

You will receive the tax declaration form after each quarter.

  • You need to fill in this tax declaration form and send it back. You can use the return envelope for this.
  • Make the payment at the same time you submit the tax form. State the tax declaration form number when you transfer the money.

    • Payment details: IBAN: NL 12 BNGH 0285 1336 75, Payable to: Gem Den Haag - Belastingen
  • Even if you owe no taxes for the stipulated period or you believe that you mistakenly received the tax declaration form, you still are required to return the tax declaration form completed and signed.
Belangrijke informatie: There is no payment scheme available for the tourist tax.

Duty to report for starters

Are you charging for an overnight stay for the first time? Then you must notify the Municipal Tax Department in writing. Use the form applicable to your situation:

Registration for businesses

Registration for private individuals

Additional assessment/fine

Did you not submit your tourist tax declaration form or did you submit it too late? Or did you file your tax return but you did not pay or you did not pay on time? Then you will get an additional assessment with a fine.

If you disagree with the additional assessment for the tourist tax and/or fine which you have to pay, then you can contest it.


Contact the Municipal Tax Department