Compensation for costs of Certificate of Conduct (VOG) for volunteers

Do you need a Certificate of Conduct for your volunteers? Organisations can often claim the costs made by their volunteers.

A Certificate of Conduct, or a ‘Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag’ (VOG), is also called proof of good behaviour. It is a document declaring that a person's behaviour does not represent an impediment to doing certain volunteer work.

Apply for free

Since 1 January 2015 there is a new measure which clubs and associations, which meet the requirements, can use to apply for free for a Certificate of Conduct for their volunteers.

The measure is meant for:

  • volunteers who work with underage children, as part of a volunteer organisation
  • volunteers who work with people with an intellectual disability, as part of a volunteer organisation

A ‘volunteer organisation’ is defined as:

  • an organisation with a legal personality
  • non-profit
  • where 70% of the activities are carried out by volunteers

Sports clubs and scouting clubs used to be able to claim the costs for a Certificate of Conduct with the branch organisation, but they now can also make use of these measures.

Subsidies for organisations

Organisations can apply for a subsidy in certain cases if:  

  • they are not eligible for these measures
  • they are defined as volunteer organisations
  • they meet the conditions of the relevant measures

    These organisations can submit the application at the Subsidieregeling Stimuleren Vrijwillige Inzet or the Activities subsidy for city districts at the Department of Public Service.

    More information

    Read more about the VOG on the website of Justis (Ministry of Justice and Security’s screening authority).

    Do you need help applying for a Certificate of Conduct (VOG) for volunteers? PEP Den Haag can provide you with personal advice. Read more information on the website of PEP Den Haag.