Apply for subsidy for activities for city district

You can apply for a subsidy for one-off activities in your city district. It should be activities which contribute to the liveability, cohesion and cooperation in your neighbourhood. For example, a street party, neighbourhood barbecue or other activities for residents.

The activities subsidy is a neighbourhood subsidy and the activities should therefore fit in with your city district’s neighbourhood agendas (wijkagenda’s). Residents and the municipality set up these neighbourhood agendas together and they are meant to improve the liveability and the well-being in your neighbourhood or city district. Take a look at the page Begin link: Wijkagenda: voor iedere wijk een plan, end link. (in Dutch).

Subsidy amount

The amount of subsidy you can get depends on the scope of the activity.

  • For an activity for the street you can apply for a maximum of € 750.
  • For an activity for the neighbourhood you can apply for a maximum of € 1,500.
  • For an activity for the district you can apply for a maximum of € 5,000.

The most important conditions to be eligible for an activities subsidy are:

  • Your idea is meant specifically for the city district where you are applying for the subsidy.
  • The subsidy is meant for a one-off expense.
  • Your idea should fit in with the ambitions of the Begin link: Neighbourhood agendas, end link. .
  • The subsidy is meant for ideas in the areas of participation, liveability, well-being, youth and culture.
  • You need to complete a business plan and a budget with an expense sheet in your application form. It is also possible to add an attachment with extra information at the end of the form.
  • The activity must be open to the public.
  • You cannot apply for a subsidy for payments for volunteer work or refreshments.
  • The municipality can pay the subsidy to a legal entity, for example a residents’ association or foundation.
  • The municipality can pay an amount of up to € 750 to natural persons.
  • You can apply as an individual or a group. For amounts above € 750 you must do this through a legal entity such as an association, foundation or private/public limited company. You will first need to ask their permission. The city district office can help you find a suitable legal entity to team up with. Please contact the city district office where you would like to organise the activity.
  • If your residents’ group is not a legal entity, you can establish a foundation or association based on a model-deed. You must register it with a notary. There are fees for this service.
  • Would you like to organise an event which will have an impact on the public space, such as a neighbourhood party, sports competition, parade, commemoration ceremony, pop concert or dance party? Then you need a permit. Look for more information on the page Begin link: Report an event, end link. .

  • budget plan
  • list of expenses

Make sure you have all your information at hand.

You can apply for the activities subsidy in 3 ways:

  • Online using the button below.
  • By completing the application form (PDF) and sending it as an attachment in an email.
  • By completing the application form (PDF), printing it and sending it by post.
Do not choose more than 1 of the above options. If you submit the application in more than 1 way, it can lead to delays.


With the PDF form

  • Download the Application form for activities subsidy for city district.
  • Complete the form and send it with the required documents by email to: Begin link:, end link. or print it and send it by post to:

Burgemeester en wethouders
Centraal Subsidiebureau
Postbus 16106
2500 BC Den Haag

Application form for activities for city district

(PDF, 276.9 KB)

  • You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 4 working days after submitting your application.
  • The municipality will notify you of the decision on whether your application has been approved or denied within 6 weeks after receiving your completed application.
  • If your application is approved, you will get the subsidy in your bank account within 1 week.


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