New inventions in Living Lab Scheveningen

The municipality is testing digital inventions on the boulevard in Scheveningen. These should lead to greater noise reduction and safer events. The municipality is doing this together with residents, visitors, schools and businesses in the ‘Living Lab Scheveningen’.

The boulevard is a suitable environment for testing. It is a small area where there is a lot going on. It is a place where people live, work and spend their free time. There is a beach and nature, but also a harbour and businesses.

Examples of projects

  • The municipality is working on a video system which can see, recognise and register incoming and outgoing sea vessels. This system provides the Port Authority with more information on maritime traffic in Scheveningen harbour.
  • A digital sign tells visitors how safe the sea is for swimming.
  • Event organisers, businesses, the police, the fire brigade and ambulance services can use special public electricity connections.
  • Smart rubbish bins on the boulevard have a special mechanism which can compress the trash. This way they can hold much more waste than a traditional bin. And sensors automatically detect the level of the waste in bins and alert waste collectors when the bins need to be emptied.

Work on the street

Many of the tests require underground cables, for example for electricity and internet. The municipality lays these cables. This is done as much as possible at spots where work is already taking place. This ensures as few disruptions as possible. For example, the cables are placed on and in streetlights, kiosks and benches.


Measuring equipment is needed for the tests, including cameras. The municipality will treat the data with care and confidentiality. Individuals will never be recognisable.

Smart City The Hague

Living Lab Scheveningen is part of the Digital Innovation Expertise Centre and Begin external link: Smart City The Hague(external link)(External link), end external link.. It also falls under the municipality’s Begin link: De Kust Gezond programme, end link. .


Would you like to share your thoughts or learn more about Living Lab Scheveningen? Send an email to: Begin link:, end link. .


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