Request a house number

A house number is needed for mail delivery and for emergency services to be able to reach you. Do you not have your own house number? You can request one at the municipality.

Belangrijke informatie: You do not need to request a house number if you are applying for an all-in-one building permit. A house number will be ascribed automatically if a new all-in-one building permit is granted.

How does it work?

Are you going to build or renovate a house and have you not yet applied for an all-in-one building permit? First do a permit check on to see if you need a permit. When you divide a home, office or commercial space, you usually need a permit. You can then apply for an all-in-one building permit. If the municipality grants you the permit, you will automatically get a new house number.

If you do not need an all-in-one building permit, you can apply for a house number on this page. You can apply by filling in the application and submitting the documents. During the investigation, the municipality will check if:

  • the property is independent
  • the property complies with the building code
  • the owner of the building has an all-in-one building permit.

If your application meets the above requirements, you will be assigned a definite house number. The municipality will notify all public authorities, such as the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst). You must inform all other organisations of your new house number yourself.


You will only get a new house number for an 'independent living space'. This means it is a house, apartment or office space. This kind of property or accommodation must meet the following conditions:

  • It has private access from the public road, a yard or a shared access such as a vestibule, gallery or staircase.
  • It has its own front or back door which you can lock from the inside and outside.
  • It can be sold or rented independently as living or office space.
  • It has its own facilities such as a bathroom, WC and kitchen which means that the home or office space is independent.

Needed to apply

  • A sketch of the home or office space for which you are requesting a house number.
  • A floor plan and layout of the space or the building in the old and new situation.
  • A copy of the purchase deed or rental agreement (if this applies to your situation).
  • information about when the current situation arose. For example the date of construction/conversion into rooms/apartment (if this applies to your situation).

Sketches do not need to be completely to scale. They should, however, provide a clear reflection of the actual situation.


Huisnummer aanvragen

    Good to know

    • Are you are renting a room? And are you sharing the bathroom, WC and kitchen with other people? Then you cannot apply for your own house number.
    • Without a valid house number you will be unable to register at your address or register your company at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK).
    • Would you like to rebuild an independent accommodation into 2 or more independent living spaces? This is called structurally dividing a residence into multiple self-contained residences. Look at Woning bouwkundig splitsen (in Dutch).
    Also see: Renting out a room