Report illegal housing or use of a building

Do you think that a property or building is being used for illegal housing or for activities which are not allowed there? Make a report of illegal housing or use of a building.

Examples of illegal housing are unlawful overcrowding, housing for migrant workers or subletting. Or illegally using a commercial property or shed as housing. Or illegally using a residential property as a shop or business. Or using a residential property as a holiday rental without permission.

Needed for the report

  • your name, address, telephone number and email address. You can also file an anonymous report (without your contact details)
  • address of the building
  • description of the situation with photos, if possible
Belangrijke informatie: Fill in the form completely. Make sure you have good accompanying visual material (photos). This will help the municipality assess the situation.


Report illegal housing or use of a building (form is in Dutch)

You can report an illegal holiday rental using the page Report domestic nuisance.

After your report

  • The municipality registers all reports. It uses them to see which problems there are in the city and where they occur most often.
  • Municipal employees are unable to check or solve all the reported issues. This is why they mainly take action when there are serious problems and dangerous situations.
  • If the residence or use of the building does not comply with the rules, the municipality can oblige the owner of the building to put an end to the violation, or even close and seal off a building. If the situation is less urgent, the municipality will check the reported issue at a later moment.
  • You will receive a confirmation of your report. The municipality will assess your report as quickly as possible. It is not always possible to inform you about this. If you are filing an anonymous report (without contact details), you will not be informed by the municipality.

Read more about the working method of The Hague Housing Inspection Bureau.