Affordable housing permit

Are you going to rent a residential property from a private individual? And is the basic rent below the rent limit? Apply on time at the municipality for a permit to rent affordable housing. For a rental property owned by a housing corporation, you will automatically get the housing permit with your rental contract. You do not need an affordable housing permit if you are buying a home.

As of 1 July 2019 the rent limit for an affordable housing permit will be raised to € 951.19 per month. Your income may not be higher than € 57,053 (for a single household) or € 67,053 (for a household of 2 or more people) per year. These new rules will apply only to new applications.

What is it?

Affordable housing permits are meant to keep inexpensive properties available for the correct target group. And to ensure that residential properties are not being inhabited illegally. If a housing permit is required for a particular property, it is prohibited to live there without such a permit.


    • You are 18 years or older.
    • You are renting the residential property from a private individual.
    • The basic rent is below € 720.42 (the amount for 2019).
    • You and the members of your household have Dutch nationality or a legally valid residence permit for the Netherlands.
    • There must be at least 12 square meters of usable area available for each person living in the property.
    • The permit will be granted for 1 residential property in the Haaglanden housing market region.
    • Your household income is not higher than € 46,238 (amount for 2019).
    • If the residential property is larger than 80 square meters (living space), at least 3 people must be living there.

      Needed for the application

      When you apply for an affordable housing permit, you will need the following documents:

      • a copy of the  most recent income specification from an employer, a benefits agency or a pension provider for you and all the people moving into the property with you.
      • a copy of the rental contract signed by the landlord.

      If you are divorced and have children under the age of 18:

      • a copy of the temporary arrangement or another legally valid document demonstrating how the custody/guardianship of the children has been arranged.



        • Log in using DigiD, complete the Affordable Housing Permit application, upload the attachments and opt to pay using iDEAL.

        In person

        • Complete the Affordable Housing Permit application, print it out and submit it at the Department of Public Service's information desk at your city district office. You will need to pay the fees for the affordable housing permit when you submit the application. You can pay by bank card only (not cash).

        Apply for affordable housing permit


          €45.05 in 2019.

          How long does it take?

          A maximum of 8 weeks. If the Public Housing department has not received all the information, you will receive either a letter or a telephone call.

          Telephone consultation

          If you have questions, you can call tel. (070) 353 40 37 and (070) 353 40 07 from 9.00 to 10.00 hrs. from Monday to Friday.