Apply for a passport and identity card for Dutch citizens abroad

Do you have Dutch citizenship (nationality) and do you live outside the Netherlands? You can apply for a Dutch passport or identity card in a number of municipalities in the Netherlands.

  • You have Dutch citizenship (nationality).
  • You live abroad.
  • You are not registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) anywhere in the Netherlands.

Apply for your child

To apply for a passport for a child younger than 18 years (passport) or younger than 12 years (identity card) you also need:

Your passport or identity card is lost or stolen

Has your Begin link: passport or identity card been lost or stolen, end link. ? Then report this when you apply for a new passport or identity document.

  • You need to attend the appointment in person.
  • During your appointment you will hear when you can pick up your passport or identity card.
  • Pick up your passport or identity card from City Hall Spui yourself. You must collect it within 3 months after you apply for it. After that the document will be destroyed. Would you still like a passport or identity card after this 3-month period? Then you will have to submit a new application and pay again..

(business or 2nd) passport 18 years and older € 126.40
(business or 2nd) passport under 18 years € 105.95
identity card 18 years and older € 121.95
identity card under 18 years € 87.00

Because you are not registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP), the fees are higher than for a regular application. There are extra administration costs for the application. You need to pay these fees when you apply at the counter at City Hall Spui. You can pay cash as well as by bank card.

The municipality will first check whether the application is complete. If all of the documents are in order, your passport or identity card will be ready after 3 working days.

Make sure that:

  • you have all of the documents you need before you make an appointment. If your application is not complete, the application will take longer. For more information go to the Begin external link: website of NetherlandsWorldwide(External link), end external link..
  • you do not apply in multiple municipalities at the same time. Submit the application at 1 municipality and complete the process at the same municipality.
  • you cancel your appointment on time if you are unable to attend it.


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