Parking at the beach

Are you driving to Scheveningen or Kijkduin by car or motorcycle? Prepare your journey in advance. The fastest way to get to the beach is to park at the edge of the city and then continue your journey by tram.

Park + Beach

Park inexpensively in 1 of the 3 Q-Park parking garages or the parking garage at the World Forum and continue your journey to the beach by tram or bike.

Reserve your ticket for parking and tram or bike in advance online. You will pay only € 6 to park your car for the whole day. The ticket also allows you to travel on from there using public transportation. For every extra person you pay € 1 extra for public transportation up to a maximum of 4 co-passengers. Park + Beach is available between 1 April and 29 September 2024. And then as of 1 April 2025.

More information can be found on the Begin external link: website of Park+Beach(External link), end external link..

Park + Ride

There are also other Begin link: Park-and-ride, end link. facilities. You park at the edge of the city at a low rate. You then continue your journey on public transportation. Plan to transfer at Central Station or Hollands Spoor.

Parking at the beach

On-street parking costs € 50 per day in a number of streets in Scheveningen and the Old Centrum if you do not have a permit. You will no longer be able to pay by the minute or hour. More information can be found in Dutch at Begin link: Parkeren in Scheveningen, end link. .

On busy days it is extremely difficult to find a parking spot at the beach. Park your car in 1 of the car parks in the area.

Parking is possible:

Motorcycle parking in Scheveningen

Are you coming by motorcycle? There are 2 special parking zones for motorcycles. Parking for motorcycles is free.

  • on the Strandweg from the Scheveningseslag
  • between the Adriaan Maasplein and the Strandweg

In addition you can park your motorcycle for a small fee in a Biesieklette facility. Look for the locations at Begin external link: link), end external link..

Traffic wardens will guide the way

In order to guide traffic to Scheveningen on busy summer days, the municipality will use extra traffic wardens. Switch off your automotive navigation system (GPS) in Scheveningen and follow the instructions of the traffic wardens.

Visitors enjoying Scheveningen beach
Visitors enjoying Scheveningen beach

Sightseeing coaches

The city has reserved long-term parking spots for sightseeing coaches. It also has reserved spots close to tourist sites where passengers can get on and off these buses. It is not necessary to pay for parking at these reserved spots.

Look at the reserved spots on the Begin link: map, end link. :

  • for long-term parking (indicated by a pink/purple stripe)

  • for passengers to get on and off the bus (indicated by a blue stripe).

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