Registration at the municipality for Ukrainians

Are you a refugee from Ukraine? You have to register in the municipality where you are staying (temporarily). In The Hague you will register during an appointment in City Hall on the Spui.

After you register, your information will be added to the Personal Records Database (BRP). And you will get your citizen service number (BSN). You will need this number to arrange all of your government affairs. Make an appointment to register.

Who is it for?

The municipality can register the following refugees from Ukraine:

  • People with Ukrainian nationality who are able to prove their identity and nationality.
  • People with another nationality (not Ukrainian) who:

    • are able to prove their identity and nationality
    • are able to prove that they had a valid Ukrainian residence permit from before 24 February 2022.

The Ukrainian Embassy can give you a certificate (proof) that you have Ukrainian identity and nationality. You can apply for this certificate on weekdays during the consultation hours between 9.00 and 13.00 hrs. at Zeestraat 78 in The Hague. You do not need to make an appointment for this. Once you have the certificate, the municipality can register you in the Personal Records Database (BRP). You will need a passport photo to do this. Refugees can get a passport photo made for free at the Primera shop in The Hague City Hall on the Spui.

If the municipality or embassy is unable to verify your identity or nationality, the municipality will not be able to register you.

For children under the age of 18 years who do not have an identity document, the parents can give a statement under oath or affirmation. This allows the municipality to verify the identity of the children. The municipality can then register the children.


  • You have Ukrainian nationality or you can prove that you were living in Ukraine legally.
  • You are staying with a host family, in a private home or place to sleep, or in a municipal shelter location (hotel or long-term shelter locations).

Needed at the appointment

  • An identity document (passport or other proof of identity).
  • A declaration from your host family. This is called proof of occupancy. You can register at a home address or a mailing address. A mailing address is a temporary option if you do not have a permanent home address. The mailing address does not affect your benefits, taxes or permits. A home address could do so in the future.
  • All family members who would like to register must attend the appointment. This includes babies, young children and seniors.
  • If you have these: official proof (certificates) of birth, marriage, divorce or adoption.

Make an appointment

  • Make an appointment by phoning tel. (070) 353 80 24 (+31 70 353 80 24 from abroad). You can reach this number Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 hrs.
  • Provide your personal and contact details.
  • Indicate if you have an identity document.
  • Indicate how many people will come to the appointment. Include all family members. Otherwise there might not be enough time register everybody.

Come on time. If you arrive too late, the municipality might not be able to help you.



How long does it take?

Your registration will usually be processed in the BRP immediately. You will receive a confirmation of your registration with an overview of your registered information and your citizen service number (BSN).

Good to know

  • The citizen service number is your unique personal number for contact with the government. You need this number if you want to work, open a bank account or arrange your affairs online with the government.
  • After you register you can apply for DigiD. You can arrange your affairs with the government online using your DigiD.
  • Will you be moving to another address in The Hague after you registered? Report your move.
  • Will you be moving to another municipality in the Netherlands or abroad after you registered? Deregister from the municipality.