Join the discussion on the future of The Hague in the European Union

Residents of The Hague can join the discussion on the future of The Hague in the European Union (EU). You can help to decide your future. Even if you do not know that much about the European Union, your opinion is valuable.


The municipality organises debates which you can be part of. The Conference on the Future of Europe was held from spring 2021 to spring 2022. There discussions were held on subjects relevant to the city such as traffic, sustainable energy and digital services (online assistance) provided by the municipality. International subjects were also discussed.

Watch the video: Conference on the Future of Europe in The Hague (YouTube channel of the municipality)

The municipality will continue to organise these kinds of discussions. Would you like to join the discussion on subjects concerning The Hague and the EU? Then send an email to The municipality will invite you for any new debates.


There are also events about the EU held in The Hague in which you can participate.

September and October 2022: Just Peace Month

The Just Peace Month takes place in September and October 2022. Different European organisations will then open their doors to the residents of The Hague. You can see what these organisations do and what they mean for the city.

9 May 2023: Europe Day

The Hague celebrates Europe Day every year on 9 May. This day is about peace, freedom and security – issues that cannot always be taken for granted. The Hague will also raise the European flag. On this day the municipality and its residents will think about how important a strong and united Europe is. Would you also like to raise the European flag on 9 May? Sign up on You will then receive a European flag from the European Commission.

Watch the video: The Hague raises the European flag on Europe Day (YouTube channel of the municipality)

What is The Hague doing in the European Union?

The Hague is participating in different European projects. Because of this the municipality can use European money for projects in The Hague. And the city is taking part in the EU's goals.

European projects

  • PlastiCity: project where companies separate their plastic waste

  • Upcycle Your Waste: project where industrial waste in converted into new materials

  • Sustainable Development Goals: these goals should ensure a good and sustainable future for everyone by 2030

  • De Green Deal: plans to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent

  • Urban Waterbuffer in Cromvlietpark: by collecting rain water instead of letting it drain into the sewage system, the water can be used during dry spells (video on YouTube channel of the municipality)

  • 100 climate-neutral cities: The Hague is part of this European mission to be climate neutral by 2030

  • European Social Fund: the ESF boosts job creation, supports job-seekers and helps keep people in work across Europe. It mainly does this through the labour market regions. The Hague is the central municipality for the Haaglanden labour market region.

European goals

The municipality will work towards the EU's goals in the coming years. This will be done in the areas of:

  • Digitalisation through Digital The Hague: projects in which the municipality is using digital inventions
  • Sustainability: The Hague is transitioning to clean energy

  • Resilient The Hague: to make neighbourhoods in The Hague and its residents stronger, with safer and healthier neighbourhoods

For more goals see the page The Hague and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Team Europe & International

The municipality’s Team Europe & International brings local and international organisations in contact with each other. The team organises international visits and events.

The tasks of Team Europe & International:

  • influence European policy and legislation
  • represent the interests of The Hague in the EU
  • make The Hague visible in Brussels
  • strengthen the bonds with other European cities
  • obtain European subsidies to carry out local projects

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    Published: 14 October 2022Modified: 1 December 2022