The Hague Information Centre

Do you have any questions about the Municipality of The Hague’s services and products? Would you like to look at zoning plans, objections, government documents or council and council committee documents? Then you can visit The Hague Information Centre in the Atrium of City Hall.

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The Hague Information Centre is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 16.30 hrs. If you would like to visit, make an appointment.

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    Public announcements

    After an announcement is published, you can view it and the relevant documents for up to 1 year at The Hague Information Centre.

    For an announcement of an all-in-one building permit you can request the following online:

    • the application
    • the decision
    • the supporting documents

    These documents do not contain any personal data and are therefore anonymous. This means that they may be seen by everyone.

    Not always public

    One exception is when documents have to do with the safety of individuals, society or the protection of cultural heritage. In that case, the documents may be confidential either in part or in their entirety and may then not be viewed by everyone. The application and the decision may be read by everyone. If they concern the security of the country or the monarchy, the application and the decision will remain confidential.

    The plots or buildings for which the municipality makes an exception can be found in a list: the central register. This register is not public. Read more about it on Beleidsregel vertrouwelijke omgevingsvergunningen Den Haag 2019.

    Let op!
    Due to the coronavirus crisis, only anonymised documents will be sent to you if they are needed for an objection or appeal procedure already in progress. Requests to receive anonymised documents for dossiers not in progress will be placed on a waiting list.

    Request a publication

    Construction drawings counter

    Belangrijke informatie:

    • Would you like to look at construction drawings made as of 2010? First make an appointment at The Hague Information Centre.
    • Would you like to look at construction drawings dating from before 2010? Then you can make an appointment at the Inspection of Construction Drawings counter.


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    Published: 25 March 2021Modified: 28 February 2022