Noise nuisance

There are different types of noise nuisance. Read what you can do if you have a complaint about noise.

The purpose of the Environmental Management Decree (Wet Milieubeheer) is to prevent noise pollution for residents. This law lays down general noise regulations for commercial operations.

Noise nuisance from companies

Are you bothered by noise or other nuisance caused by a company? You can report nuisance caused by a company to the Omgevingsdienst Haaglanden (ODH). Look for more information under Report nuisance caused by a company.

Noise nuisance in Scheveningen

Do you live in Scheveningen and are you bothered by noise caused by businesses on the beach and the beach restaurants? You can report this 24 hours a day during the beach season (1 April to 1 October). Call the Muziekregeling Scheveningen (MRS) complaints telephone, tel. 0888-333 555. You can request to have the noise levels in and around your home measured.

Noise from an event

Are you bothered by music or other noise during an event? You can report this to the police on tel. 0900-8844.

Noise caused by aircraft

Nuisance caused by aircraft and construction activities do not fall under the Environmental Management Decree. You can inquire into the cause of aircraft noise at Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (in Dutch).

Nuisance caused by construction or illegal building activity

Are you experiencing a problem caused by construction work? You can report this under Report nuisance during construction work. If somebody around your home is carrying out illegal building activities, you can report this under Report illegal construction work.

Other noise nuisance

Are you bothered by noise, a foul odour or light caused by a company? Report this to the municipality. Look for more information under Report nuisance caused by a company.

To complain about loud music from your neighbours, call the Haaglanden police on tel. 0900-88 44. If you are experiencing noise from your neighbours on a structural basis, you can report this using Report domestic nuisance.

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Published: 5 October 2020Modified: 24 December 2021