Request a change in the use of your surname

You are registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) with the name given to you at birth. Your civil status will sometimes change. For example, when you get married or divorced or you enter a civil partnership. You can then choose how you would like to be addressed by indicating your surname or a combination of surnames. Government agencies which get their information from the BRP will write to you using the name you have chosen.

You can request a change in the use of your surname 2 weeks after the change in your civil status. Which name can you choose?

  • You can use the surname of your partner.
  • You can choose a combination of both surnames. You can decide yourself on the order of the names.
  • You can use your own birth name.

Your birth name will always remain in your Dutch passport, identity card or driving licence. Even if your civil status changes. You can have your partner’s surname stated on these documents.

A request for a change in the use of your surname in the BRP is different from legally changing your family name. More information on this subject can be found under Begin link: Changing your name, end link. .

You were married outside the Netherlands

Were you married abroad? And do you have a foreign passport with your new surname? Look at Begin link: Change personal data in the BRP, end link. .


  • online: 5 working days
  • in writing: 10 working days


Request a change in the use of your surname online.

In writing

You can also request a change in the use of your surname in writing. Send a signed letter to the Begin link: Department of Public Service, end link. .

You cannot figure it out?

Are you unable to apply online or in writing? Or are there special circumstances? Begin link: Contact the municipality, end link. .

You can make a safe copy of your identity document with your mobile telephone or tablet using the KopieID app. Read more on the Begin external link: website of the Government of the Netherlands(External link), end external link..


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