Rules for the beach

The beaches of The Hague are well-known throughout the Netherlands and in neighbouring countries. Each year millions of people visit the city’s beaches.

Scheveningen beach (photo: Martijn Beekman)
Scheveningen beach (photo: Martijn Beekman)

For a day of sunbathing and swimming, enjoying a drink or strolling the boulevard. But also for letting your dog frolic, for surfing or for horseback riding. Look no farther than The Hague’s beaches of Scheveningen and Kijkduin.

Safety at the beaches

The Municipality of The Hague places a high priority on Begin external link: safety at the beaches(External link), end external link.. This is the reason they are regularly cleaned. A beach patrol (Begin external link: Hague Volunteer Rescue Brigade(External link), end external link.) is on duty from June through September. There is also a lifeguard post for children who have lost their parents.

Nude beaches

Scheveningen and Kijkduin have space designated for nude recreation:

  • Zwarte Pad (pole 96.5 – 98), Noorderstrand Scheveningen, between the Zwarte Pad and Meijendelseslag
  • Westduinpark (between pole 104 and 105)
  • Zuiderstrand Scheveningen, Laan van Poot access point
  • Kijkduin (as of pole 108 in the direction of Monster), Kijkerduin access point

Some beaches have beach restaurants and sanitary facilities available. Some restaurants require clothing.

Metal detector on the beach

Generally you are permitted to search The Hague’s beaches for metal objects using a metal detector at amateur level. However, there are rules for objects of particular interest, such as:

  • Wet op Archeologische Monumentenzorg (Protection of Cultural Property Act) 
  • Monumentenwet (Dutch Historical Monument Act)  
  • Wet wapens en munitie (Weapons and Ammunition Act) 
  • Regeling gevonden voorwerpen (Lost property measures) in the Dutch Civil Code 

You should leave the beach the way you found it and cover up any large holes you have dug.

Metal detector in the dunes

You are never permitted to use a metal detector in the dunes.

Dogs and horses on the beach

Would you like to go to the beach with your dog or horse? No problem. But first read up on all the Begin link: rules, end link. .

Wheelchair accessibility

At the Biesieklette facilities in Kijkduin (Deltaplein) and Scheveningen (by the Carlton Beach Hotel) you can rent a recreational wheelchair for the beach. For more information, visit the Begin external link: website of Biesieklette(External link), end external link. or call Biesieklette on tel. (070) 394 22 11. Also see Begin link: Getting to The Hague’s beaches, end link. .


Camping and sleeping on the beach at night is not permitted. Read more on the page Begin link: Overnachten met tent of camper? Alleen op de camping, end link. .


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