Barbecuing rules in The Hague

For many people the summer is the perfect time to fire up the barbecue. But not everyone has a garden or balcony where this is possible. This is why a number of parks in The Hague have special barbecuing spots.

The spots have been chosen so that you can barbecue in lovely surroundings. Without bothering area residents and other visitors to the park. The spots have extra litter bins.

BBQ spots

The special barbecuing spots can be found in:

  • Recreatiegebied Madestein (Loosduinen district)
  • Vlaskamp (Haagse Hout district)
  • Westbroekpark (field, Scheveningen district)
  • Zuiderpark and the De Uithof (Escamp district)

Do not place your coals or briquettes directly on the grass. Put them in a container on a stand. The grass will get damaged if you make a fire directly on the grass.


Leftover food, bones, packaging material and the like belong in the litter bin. Is the container full? Do not leave your rubbish next to the container. Instead take it back home with you in a sealed bag. Leftover food attracts rodents and vermin.

Allow glowing cools to first cool off completely before you dispose of them. Some barbecue spots have special containers for glowing coals. You are allowed to dispose of them there while they are still hot.

Other BBQ spots

In principle, you are allowed to barbecue everywhere as long as you do not cause any trouble or danger. Barbecuing is also allowed on the beach. Nonetheless there are a number of spots where you may not barbecue. Signs will indicate where barbecuing is not permitted.

Ban on barbecuing

Spots where barbecuing is not permitted:

  • Japanese Garden
  • the Rosarium
  • Park De Verademing
  • Westduinpark


If other activities will also be taking place apart from barbecuing, for example with tents or stages, large numbers of people or a (live) music programme, this could fall into the category of an ‘event’. Check whether you need to Begin link: report an event in advance, end link. or Begin link: apply for a small event permit, end link. .


If you place a grill with the intention of selling your cooked products, this is considered street vending and the Begin external link: street trading directive(External link), end external link. will then apply. The rules for cafes and restaurants and the rental agreement apply to the deck areas of the beach restaurants. A grill may be placed there in principle.


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