International Zone building projects

The International Zone is the heart of The Hague as the International City of Peace and Justice. It is the prime location for international organisations and 1 of The Hague’s core economic areas.

The International Zone encompasses the area within the Landscheidingsweg to the Sportlaan and from the Statenkwartier to the Archipelbuurt/Willemspark.

The heart of the area is characterised by parks and forests, but it also includes lovely stately homes. Thanks to Madurodam and the city’s many museums, the area attracts many tourists and day trippers. It is popular among the international community, and the pretty residential neighbourhoods in this part of the old city are also home to a number of embassies.

Spatial strategy

A new draft spatial strategy, the International Zone Area Development Vision, has been defined for the International Zone. This strategy outlines the possibilities and ambitions for the area in the coming years.

The growth in the number of international organisations in The Hague generates economic spin-off. The larger number of organisations is expected to lead to 4,000 new jobs in The Hague. The municipality is planning to plant more greenery and create more outdoor space in the zone as part of the security measures. In addition, the municipality is aiming to improve the quality of the greenery. There are possibilities for new developments around the Peace Palace, World Forum and the Frederikkazerne (barracks). The municipality is also investing in faster transport links and new routes for walkers, cyclists and motorists.

Draft spatial strategy

You can look at the draft spatial strategy (Urban Plan for International Zone) in the Council File Management System: Begin external link: RIS302402(External link), end external link. (in Dutch).

Most important projects

  • Plans for Westbroekpark and Scheveningse Bosjes

  • Renovation and expansion of NATO Communications & Information Agency
  • Accommodation for Kosovo Specialist Chambers
  • Redevelopment of former ministry (I & M) on Plesmanweg
  • Toren van Oud and new design for public space at The Hague World Forum
  • New apartments on Verhulstplein

Other projects

Temporary location for Catshuis

The Binnenhof will be under renovation for 5.5 years. During the renovation project, staff members working at the Binnenhof will be moved to government buildings throughout the city. One of these government buildings is the Catshuis, which is located in the International Zone. The Catshuis is the official residence of the prime minister and is used for official receptions and meetings. A temporary office facility for approximately 200 ministry employees will be placed on the grounds of the Catshuis. Once the renovation of the Binnenhof is completed, the employees will return to Binnenhof and the temporary office facility on the grounds of the Catshuis will be removed.

Extra building for Europol

Over the last few years Europol has grown as the result of an increase in the number of its member states and the expansion of its duties. In order to meet Europol’s needs, a number of employees will temporarily work in the building next to Eurojust at Jan Willem Frisolaan 13 in the International Zone.

The building at Jan Willem Frisolaan 13 is owned by the Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf). The building will be prepared for temporary use and adapted for Europol. Work should begin in the autumn of 2018 and last until the end of 2020.

More information can be found on the website of the Begin external link: Rijksvastgoedbedrijf(External link), end external link..


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