Fun on Scheveningen beach

The beaches of Scheveningen and Kijkduin are full of adventure. No matter the season, you can enjoy the wide variety of restaurants and entertainment.

Relaxing in the sun at a beach club

The Zuiderstrand (South Beach) has a lot to offer in terms of relaxation and soaking up the sun. On the other side of the harbour inlet (havenhoofd), the Noorderstrand (North Beach) has trendy beach clubs, and water sports and surf schools are extremely popular.

The sun, surf and sand are naturally the top 3 attractions in Scheveningen. You can wander the 4-kilometre long coast along the boulevard and check out the different beach clubs and attractions. The wide variety of eating establishments and entertainment is what makes Scheveningen beach so much fun and so exciting. Or you can grab a bite and watch the action in the Scheveningen harbour.

The beach

Everyone is welcome to use the beach but be aware that there are certain rules for the beach so that everyone can enjoy it. The beach resorts of Scheveningen and Kijkduin attract several million visitors per year who are unfamiliar with the dangers of the sea. Read all about beach safety on the page Practical information Scheveningen and Kijkduin.

Strolling and hiking

Looking for some peace and quiet? The seaside resort of Scheveningen is a great place for an invigorating walk or hike through the dunes any time of the year. Just a 5-minute walk away you will enter the sand dunes (from the Harstenhoekweg) where you can walk and cycle to the nearest quiet beach. Facilities there are limited.

If you are planning to bring your dog, please note that dogs are not allowed on certain parts of the beach during the summer months. Visit the information under Dogs and horses on the beach.

Getting there and parking

Planning to go to Scheveningen or Kijkduin to enjoy the beach, sea and boulevard? The beach resorts can easily be reached by public transport, car and bicycle. Read about the best way to get to The Hague's beaches.

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Published: 9 June 2015Modified: 28 July 2022