Bike-sharing and e-moped-sharing in The Hague

In The Hague you can make use of a bicycle through a bike-sharing, e-moped-sharing or cargo bike-sharing scheme. Read more on this page about the advantages, how it works and the rules.

In a bike-sharing scheme you do not own a bicycle yourself, but you share (rent) it with other people. This can come in handy if you need a (2nd) bicycle or if your own bicycle is being repaired. You need an app in order to take part in a bike-sharing scheme. You can use the app to unlock and relock a bicycle. You pay only for the amount of time you use the bicycle.

Advantages of bike-sharing and e-moped-sharing

Using the bike-sharing and e-moped-sharing scheme offers many advantages:

  • You do not need to buy your own bicycle or e-moped. You can use the bike-sharing or e-moped-sharing scheme whenever you need it. The advantage is that you only pay for using the bike or e-moped rather than for maintaining it. Since more people are making use of the scheme, there are fewer vehicles on the roads.
  • You often can get closer to your destination by bike or e-moped than by car. You do not need to look for a parking spot.
  • If you are coming from outside the city, you can often combine the train ride with the bike-sharing or e-moped-sharing scheme.
  • The e-mopeds are electric. This is good for the environment.
  • Cargo bikes are convenient for doing grocery shopping or taking an excursion with children. This can make having a (2nd) car no longer necessary. This is also good for the environment.

    Using bike-sharing or e-moped-sharing

    Would you like to use the bike-sharing, cargo bike-sharing or e-moped-sharing scheme? Look at the websites of the providers. There you can find more information, look at the rates and download the app.


    Park the shared bike or e-moped in a spot where it will not cause nuisance to others. This can be at an existing bicycle parking facility or on the sidewalk. Make sure that when you park it on the sidewalk that you choose a spot with sufficient space. The bike/e-moped should in no way be blocking the way of pedestrians or people in a wheelchair.

      Rules for the providers

      To prevent the shared vehicles from causing nuisance the providers need a permit for the bike-sharing and e-moped-sharing scheme. The permit stipulates a number of rules.

      • The rules for parking the bicycles and e-mopeds in the bike-sharing scheme are the same as for regular bicycles and e-mopeds.
      • Every provider will start out with a maximum number of bicycles or e-mopeds.
      • The providers will ensure that a bicycle or e-moped does not remain standing for too long at 1 spot.
      • The providers wil ensure that broken or wrongly parked bicycles or e-moped are quickly removed after they have been reported.

        Report nuisance

        Despite the agreements the municipality has made with the providers, it is possible that the bicycles and e-mopeds in the scheme are left standing in wrong spots. Do you have a question or complaint about these bicycles or e-mopeds? Contact the provider of the bicycle/e-moped. The contact information is always found on the bicycle or e-moped. Use the provider's online contact form to report a problem.

        Mobility transition

        The municipality is working on a mobility transition. Shared transport is part of this programme. Read more about shared mobility on the page Slimme mobiliteit (in Dutch).

        Also see: Request a permit for bike-sharing, cargo bike-sharing and e-moped-sharing

        Published: 26 March 2021Modified: 30 May 2022