Starting a Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

Do you have an extra room? Do you like to receive guests at your house? Then you can rent out part of your home and start a Bed and Breakfast (B&B).

You will have to abide by the following rules in order to start up a B&B:

  • Guests sleep in a room in your house.
  • You only serve the guests breakfast.
  • You do not sell any alcohol.
  • A maximum of 4 people may spend the night each time.
  • The guests make use of your toilet and bathroom.
  • The house remains a residential property.
  • You keep a night register.
  • Your house must be fireproof.
  • You pay tourist tax to the Municipality of The Hague.
  • In order to rent out part of your home you usually need an all-in-one building permit (omgevingsvergunning). The zoning plan will state if this is possible. Look for more information under

    Free VVV partner package

    Once you are granted the all-in-one building permit, you will receive a free The Hague & Partners package. You can use this package for free for 2 years. The value is € 350 per year. The Hague & Partners package includes:

    • Your B&B will get its own page on
    • Your B&B will be listed in the ‘This is The Hague’ guide.
    • Your B&B will be included in the VVV Nederland database.
    • Your B&B will be published on the national VVV website.

    Do you already have a B&B which meets the rules above? Do you not have a permit because the permit requirement for B&Bs was not yet in force when you started your B&B? Then you can also use the facilities above by sending an email to:

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    Published: 9 November 2017Modified: 6 November 2019