Bed and Breakfast (B&B)

Do you enjoy receiving guests at your house? And do you have a spare room? Then you can rent out part of your home and operate a Bed and Breakfast (B&B).

What is it

Are you renting out only a room or part of your home, and will you be at home during your guests' stay? Then you have a Bed & Breakfast. You rent out the room or part of your home for a period which is shorter than 4 months. There are no restrictions on the number of times per year that you rent out the room or part of your home.


You will have to comply with the following rules for a B&B:

  • Guests sleep in a room in your house.
  • You are also at home during your guests' stay.
  • You rent out the room or part of your home for a period which is shorter than 4 months.
  • You only serve the guests breakfast. It is not obligatory to provide breakfast.
  • You do not sell any alcohol.
  • A maximum of 4 people may stay per night.
  • The guests make use of the existing sanitary facilities (toilet and bathroom). You are not allowed to construct new rooms with their own kitchen, shower and toilet for this purpose.
  • The home remains a residential property.
  • You keep a night register.
  • Your house must have fire safety measures.
  • You pay tourist tax to the municipality.
  • A Bed & Breakfast may be located anywhere in the city. In order to rent out part of your home, you almost always need an all-in-one building permit. The zoning plan will state whether this is required. Look for more information (in Dutch) under Bestemmingsplannen.
  • The home with the Bed & Breakfast accommodation may not be used for other forms of holiday rentals.

Registration number required

In order to rent your home as a Bed & Breakfast you will need to have a registration number as of 2 August 2021.

  • Landlords must state the registration number any time they offer the home to guests as a holiday rental. For example, the number should be included in all listings on online rental platforms such as Airbnb, and Expedia. It should also be stated on any printed material such as a brochure or business card.
  • You only need to apply for 1 registration number. Even if your Bed & Breakfast has several rooms.
  • The registration number is required for all Bed & Breakfasts. If you already operated a Bed & Breakfast before 2 August 2021, you must also apply for a registration number.

Needed for the application

  • A valid DigiD (or eHerkenning for companies).
  • If you are not the owner of the home, a declaration of consent from the owner of the home. The declaration must in any case contain the:

    • name of the owner
    • name of the applicant
    • consent to apply for a permit for holiday rentals
    • signatures of the owner and applicant
  • If you are applying on behalf of somebody else: a signed authorisation. This must in any case include the:

    • name of the authorised person
    • name of the applicant (the person giving the authorisation)
    • consent to apply for a permit by the authorised person, on behalf of the applicant
    • signatures of the authorised person and applicant

Apply for a registration number

You can apply for a registration number here. The registration number is free of charge. You will receive it immediately after submitting your application.

Apply for registration number

    Free The Hague & Partners package

    Once you are granted the all-in-one building permit, you can apply for a The Hague & Partners basic package by sending an email to You can use this basic package for free for 2 years. Your B&B will get its own listing on

    Do you already have a B&B which meets all the conditions, but you do not have a permit because this was not mandatory when you started your B&B? You can still apply for this free package.


    Do you have questions about setting up a Bed & Breakfast? Contact the municipality by sending an email to:

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    Published: 25 May 2021Modified: 21 March 2023