Renting out your home during your holiday

Do you want to rent out the home you live in to tourists? Then you will need a permit and registration number. You must register each separate holiday rental and the number of nights with the municipality in advance. Read here how this works.

Are you going on vacation? Then you are allowed to rent out (part of) your home to tourists. For example through online rental platforms such as Airbnb or This is also called a holiday rental. You will then not be at home yourself while your guests are staying with you. In The Hague this is only allowed for a short amount of time. The maximum is 30 nights per year.

You will need a permit and registration number for holiday rentals in The Hague.

  • As a resident, you can rent out you home to tourists while you are away on holiday yourself (holiday rental). You must apply for a permit and registration number for this.
  • The permit is valid for 3 years. The registration number is valid indefinitely.
  • You must state the registration number any time you offer the home to guests as a holiday rental. For example, the number should be included in all listings on online rental platforms such as Airbnb, and Expedia. It should also be stated on any printed material such as a brochure or business card.
  • You must register each separate holiday rental with the municipality in advance. You must also state how many nights you are renting out your home.
  • You pay Begin link: tourist tax, end link. to the municipality.

The municipality will grant the permit under the following conditions:

  • You live in the property yourself. You are registered in the municipality’s Personal Records Database (BRP) at the address of the property which you will rent out.
  • Holiday rentals are possible only for independent residential properties.
  • The occupants must each have at least 12 square metres of living space.
  • Holiday rentals may not cause any Begin link: nuisance, end link. . You are responsible for this yourself.
  • The permit is person-specific and it is valid for the address which you have applied for. The permit is non-transferrable.
  • Holiday rentals are not permitted if a permit or exemption has already been issued and is still valid for another form of holiday rental at the same address. For example, for a Bed & Breakfast or a pied-à-terre.
  • The permit will be published. If the application was not done legally, the permit can be revoked.
Did you become the owner of the property during the calendar year? Ask the previous owner if the property has already been rented out this calendar year and, if so, for how many nights. These nights will be deducted from the total number of nights available. As of 1 January another 30 nights will be available for the new calendar year.

Is your home part of a homeowners association (Vereniging van Eigenaren, VvE)? Or are you renting a residential property? Check first whether you are permitted to rent out/sublet your home. Sometimes permission is needed from the VvE for rentals. The municipality will not consider any agreements you made with other parties when it grants a permit.

  • A valid DigiD (or eHerkenning for companies).
  • If you are not the owner of the home, a declaration of consent from the owner of the home. The declaration must in any case contain the:

    • name of the owner
    • name of the applicant
    • consent to apply for a permit for holiday rentals
    • signatures of the owner and applicant
  • If you are applying on behalf of somebody else: a signed authorisation. This must in any case include the:

    • name of the authorised person
    • name of the applicant (the person giving the authorisation)
    • consent to apply for a permit by the authorised person, on behalf of the applicant
    • signatures of the authorised person and applicant
  • Make sure that your address is correct in the BRP. You can see this in MijnDenHaag. Have you moved or does the municipality not have your correct address? Report this to the municipality before applying, via the Begin link: Report your move, end link. page.

Apply for a holiday rental permit

Go to MijnDenHaag to apply for a permit and registration number to rent out your home during your holiday. Private individuals log in with their Begin external link: eHerkenning(External link), end external link..

Apply for registration number

You can also apply in MijnDenHaag for only the registration number.

Register the rental

Do you already have a holiday rental permit? Then you can register the rental of your property in Begin external link: MijnDenHaag(External link), end external link.. Once you are logged in to MijnDenHaag you can register the rental in Mijn Zaken.

The permit costs € 124.05. You pay these fees for the processing of your application. If the municipality rejects your application for the permit, these fees will not be refunded. The registration number and registration and cancellation of holiday rentals are free of charge.

You will receive the registration number immediately after you apply for it. The permit will follow within 8 weeks, if the application and the residential property meet the conditions. You may advertise as soon as you receive the registration number, but you may only rent out the residential property once the permit is granted.


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