Rental advice from the Fair Rent Team

What recourse do you have if you are paying too much rent? You can call in the Fair Rent Commission (Huurcommissie) or first ask for advice from the municipality’s Fair Rent Team (Huurteam).

Are you having problems with the landlord concerning the service charges or maintenance of your rental property? Then you can also call in the services of the Fair Rent Team.

Make an appointment

Do you think you are paying an unfairly high rent? Or is your rental property not being maintained properly? Then you can make an appointment with the Fair Rent Team.

You can contact the team for an appointment or for information. There are 2 ways to contact them.

Who is the Fair Rent Team for?

For residents of The Hague who are renting a home or room from a private individual.

Rent check

You can use the Begin external link: Rent Check(External link), end external link. to determine what a fair rental price is for your home. You can request a ruling on the rental price by this independent agency. The landlord and tenant will then have to accept the outcome of this judgement.

Advice from the Fair Rent Team

Are you not able to work things out for yourself? Then you can ask the municipality’s Fair Rent Team to provide advice on your rental price, service charges or overdue maintenance.

The Fair Rent Team at the Municipality of The Hague helps tenants:

  • by checking on a fair rental charge
    The Fair Rent Team checks whether the rental property has an appropriate rental price. The Fair Rent Team uses a point system to assess whether the rental price is in line with legal regulations. It then calculates what the maximum rental price should be. If the rent is too high, the Fair Rent Team can advise you on how to proceed with your landlord. The Fair Rent Team also lends assistance to tenants in procedures involving the Huurcommissie (Fair Rent Commission).
  • in procedures involving serious overdue maintenance
    Does the rental property have overdue maintenance? The Fair Rent Team can carry out an inspection to see whether the tenant is entitled to a temporary rental decrease.

Have you just moved? Then you can consult the Fair Rent Team for an assessment within the first 6 months. It does not matter how much rent you are paying. The assessment will evaluate whether your rent is fair.

Have you been renting for longer than 6 months and is your basic rent lower than € 879.66? The Fair Rent Team can help even then.

The period for an assessment is different for a temporary rental contract. It depends on the rental contract. You can inquire with the Fair Rent Team.

Are you having problems with your rental contract? Then you can get Begin link: legal assistance, end link. .


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