Low-emission zones in The Hague

Cars, trucks and buses in the city contribute to air pollution. The Hague has therefore set up low-emission zones. Heavily polluting vehicles are not allowed to drive in these zones.

Here you will find more information about the low-emission zones in the city:

Air quality

The low-emission zones improve the air quality in the city. They also help to reduce noise pollution. This is better for the nature and climate in our city. And as a result the city becomes more pleasant to live in.

Consequences of dirty air

Air pollution takes an estimated 13 months off the lives of people in the Netherlands. Air pollution makes cardiovascular disorders and lung diseases worse.

The Hague in 2030

This is the reason why the municipality wants to comply with the European air quality standards (limit values). But this does not yet mean the air in The Hague is healthy.

The municipaity aims to make major strides in the area of health by 2030. It is doing so by complying with the thresholds advised by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

To achieve this goal the municipality is working together with other municipalities, provinces and the Government of the Netherlands. This partnership is outlined in the Begin external link: Schone Lucht Akkoord(External link), end external link. (Clean Air Agreement).

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