Dutch voters abroad: Authorise somebody to vote on your behalf

Are you registered as a Dutch voter abroad? And would you like to have somebody in the Netherlands, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius or Saba vote on your behalf in the Dutch parliamentary elections? If so, you can authorise somebody through a proxy vote.

The advantage of voting through a proxy vote is that you will not have problems with the mail service. Because of course you want to be sure that your vote arrives on time.

Request a proxy vote

You can no longer request a proxy vote. The deadline to apply was 11 October 2023.

Good to know

  • The municipality will send the legal proxy (volmachtbewijs) to the proxy holder. This person must be able to show an identity document at a polling station in a Dutch municipality on 22 November. The person who will vote on your behalf can only cast your vote at the same time he casts his own vote. One person may vote on behalf of a maximum of 2 other people.
  • Your postal voting slip will be invalidated when you apply for a proxy vote.
  • Once you have designated somebody to vote on your behalf, you cannot undo this decision. You will not be able to cast your own vote in the election.
  • A proxy vote is valid for only 1 election. Would you again like to authorise somebody to vote on your behalf in another election. Then you need to apply for a proxy vote again.


Do you have any questions? The Municipality of The Hague organises the elections for Dutch voters abroad. The Elections Unit is available at tel. +31 70 353 44 00. Or send an email to kbn.verkiezingen@denhaag.nl.


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