Preschool in The Hague

For a large group of children in The Hague the transition to primary school is too big. For them there is preschool (voorschool): a location in the neighbourhood for children between the ages of 2.5 and 4 years.

Here they can learn new things, do crafts and play outdoors. They will get extra attention so that they learn Dutch well and learn to play together. This way they can get off to a good start at primary school.


There is always a preschool close to your home. You will find preschools at different locations: at playschools, at primary schools and at day care centres. On the website Begin external link: link), end external link. you will find a map with all of the locations. Would you like to come and have a look sometime? You are more than welcome.

What does it cost?

From 1 January 2024 preschool is free for a large number of children in The Hague. They can attend preschool 16 hours per week in total.

Who is it for?

The Centrum Jeugd & Gezin (CJG) will invite you and your child for a few times. The juvenile doctor or nurse will assess whether your child is allowed to attend preschool. Afterwards you can register your child at a preschool of your choice.


What do the children do at preschool? Where is right preschool for my child? What time do I need to drop off and pick up my child? We are happy to help you with any questions.

Preschool advisor

There is a contact person in different neighbourhoods in the city: the preschool advisor. You can call this person with any questions. You can also make an appointment to visit a preschool in your neighbourhood.


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